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Feline Culture

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Best Probiotics for Cats

Probiotics are a hot topic today, not just in human health but also in feline diets. What are they? How are they different from prebiotics? Can they help your cat? Should you add them to your cat’s diet? Which are the best probiotics for cats? Is it okay to give your cat probiotics made for Read more about Best Probiotics for Cats[…]

What’s The Best Cat Food to Prevent Vomiting?

Being a cat parent, you are likely familiar with your kitty throwing up. While occasional vomiting is normal for cats and is not a cause for concern, frequent and excessive vomiting may indicate a serious problem with a cat’s health. If your cat is vomiting more often than normal, something in his diet may be Read more about What’s The Best Cat Food to Prevent Vomiting?[…]

Best Air Purifiers For Cat Litter Dust

Parenting cats or other pets in the house has its own advantages and responsibilities. Some responsibilities of cat owners include feeding, preparing litter boxes, cleaning, bathing, and vacuuming. However, one important issue encountered is how to maintain clean and pure air in the house. Quick Look at Our Top Picks: That’s because there is a Read more about Best Air Purifiers For Cat Litter Dust[…]