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175+ Persian Cat Names9 min read

August 17, 2019 8 min read
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175+ Persian Cat Names9 min read

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You have taken a great step of bringing a new member to your family which will definitely rekindle some joy among your children and the entire family. However, there is one more thing that is essential, giving your cat a name. No responsible cat owner will be calling their furry friend “hey black cat” or “plump cat”. That will be disrespecting your cat and he or she will reciprocate the same to you.

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Besides being for easier identification of your cat, naming your friend is a perfect way of describing their character and behavior without hurting their emotions especially if their traits are not quite good. This will make the cat react well to the name despite the hidden meaning of the name.

Most Popular Persian Cat Names

Being one of the oldest homelands of civilizations and the oldest culture in the world (culture of Persia); Iran has not only influenced the culture of the Iranians but also of many people in Asian and European continents. Persian culture has been read by most Christians in their Bibles because of the numerous wars and capturing of Babylon and Jerusalem.

Besides the ancient Persian empires, Persia, now called Iran has a great history of having nuclear and missiles programs. These early and current developments have made many become interested in Persian names and culture; that’s why we have provided 100 Persian cat names that will make you feel part of this great culture. Take a look at them:

  1. Babri – for cats that have some fur that resemble that of a tiger
  2. Bala – for cats that are great nuisance in the house
  3. Farang – for cats that have an European background or origin
  4. Gorbeh – a great name referring to a pussycat
  5. Maloos – for cats that are loveable because of their appearance and behavior
  6. Miau – a name used to refer to the sound a cat produces
  7. Moosh – a great name for small-sized cats
  8. Nazy – for cats that are cute and attractive
  9. Palang – a cat name used to describe its leopard nature
  10. Pambeh – for small-bodied and white cats
  11. Pisho – a name referring to a pussycat
  12. Roastam – a male cat name for cats that are heroes to you
  13. Sefidi – for white furred cats
  14. Sheitoon – a great name for a naughty and playful cat
  15. Shirrin – for cats that are sweet and darling
  16. Shir – for brave and strong cats
  17. Siah – for black beauty cats
  18. Arash – a cute cat name for a bright and intelligent cat
  19. Arastoo – a cat name that reminds you of Aristotle the philosopher
  20. Arezu – a name for capricious female cats
  21. Azad – a cat name that reminds of a certain freedom that you got
  22. Bahar – a cat that you got during a spring season
  23. Bala – a name for mischievous cats
  24. Malus – a great name for affectionate sweet cats
  25. Ava – for cats with great voice
  26. Banu – a cat name that reminds you of a lady that you loved
  27. Baraz – a cat name referring to exalted cats
  28. Mirza – a male cat name for cats that are princes to you
  29. Dilshad – a great name for cheerful and happy cats
  30. Hasan – a male cat name for handsome and well-mannered cats
  31. Aaz – for lovely or beautiful female cats
  32. Rostam – for the love of this movie actor in Persia
  33. Morvarid – for a cat that is like a pearl to you; very precious to you
  34. Yasmin – for beautiful and glowing cats
  35. Azar – a name for red cats
  36. Golnar – a great name for bright red cats
  37. Baraz – for cats that are highly honored for their character
  38. Adeleh – for righteous cats
  39. Adileh – cats that look similar in their appearances
  40. Armaghan – for a cat that’s your precious gift
  41. Arman – for a cat that gives you some hope whenever you look at him or her
  42. Arastus – a cat that eating is its hobby
  43. Arasteh – for cats that are adorned with honor
  44. Anvar – for cats that are bright and attractive
  45. Dorreh – for big cats that are very precious to you
  46. Dori – for cats that have a sparkling and glittering fur
  47. DelyAr – for cats that are like a sweetheart to you
  48. Effat – for female cats that behave like a modest woman or the one that reminds you of that woman who was modest in your life
  49. Forouzan – for cats with shining fur
  50. Mojdeh – for cats that seem to have brought some good news to you
  51. Morvreed – for beautiful cats that are very precious to you
  52. Persheh – for cats that are quick
  53. Parvaneh – for cats that are beautiful and active
  54. Parva – for those cat owners who have developed some affection with their cats
  55. Saharnaz – for those cats that are glorious
  56. Sedigheh – for a cat that is your sincere friend
  57. Sab – for gentle cats
  58. Simar – for young cats
  59. Shusha – a great name for pleasant cats
  60. Sholeh – for brightly furred cats
  61. Tala – for cats that precious, valuable and are golden-furred
  62. Talieh – for a cat that is honorable
  63. Tania – a name that refer to a twinkling and bright cat
  64. Taban – for radiant, dazzling or shining cats, whether their fur or eyes
  65. Ziba – for female beautiful cats
  66. Zhile – a great name for cats that rises early when there is dew
  67. Zarrin-taj – for a cat that is golden furred on the top of their head
  68. Farzan – for cats that are intelligent and wise
  69. Mani – for cats that are very attractive by their character and behavior
  70. Pair – for cats that are relatively beautiful
  71. Roshan – for cats that have shining fur
  72. Shah – a male cat that is respected for his great traits
  73. Reina – a female cat name for older cats who behave like a queen that are brightly furred
  74. Jasper – for dull or black cats
  75. Esther – for cats that are stars in your home compared to other cats
  76. Arash – a male cat name referring to a hero
  77. Aryan – for cats that are great warriors in a home
  78. Cyrus – a name for highly respected and honored cats
  79. Sargent – a cat name that is great in service
  80. Taffy – for those who love sticky candies, this is a great name for your cat
  81. Mani – for cats that are a treasure to you
  82. Hasan – for virtuous and attractive cats
  83. Abner – a male cat name for those elderly cats
  84. Adelaide – for cats that are noble in behavior
  85. Amir – a male cat name referring to a prince
  86. Anubi – a cat name for a royal kitten
  87. Altair – for beautiful and light cats
  88. Arashan – a male cat name referring to a hero
  89. Arabella – a cat name that reminds you that you ought to yield to prayers
  90. Bella – female cat name referring to pretty and beautiful cats
  91. Bitten – a cat that has some desire
  92. Damian – a cat that has been tamed
  93. Dante – for those cats that have overcome some difficult situations
  94. Aphne – for cats that are old and still strong
  95. Dasha – a cat that you view as a gift from God
  96. Homer – a cat name that reminds you of the promise you have made
  97. Katrina – for pure cats
  98. Kermit – for cats that are free in expressing themselves
  99. Alborz – for cats that are highly exalted
  100. Bahadur – for cats that are fighters

Male Persian Cat Names

Male Persian Cat Names
  1. Abbas– For a cat with a stern look
  2. Aftaab– Means the sun for a warn and cheerful feline
  3. Aistan– Refers to a tiger for a confident cat with a spotted coat
  4. Aladdin– Meaning nobility of faith
  5. Anaar – Meaning radiant for a cat with a shiny coat
  6. Anubis– Meaning royal
  7. Anzor– For a cat of noble bearing
  8. Atal – Meaning leader for a cat who has taken control of your home
  9. Ayas– Refers to the morning breeze
  10. Bala– For a mischievous cat
  11. Basil– Ideal for a brave and fearless cat
  12. Bijan– A lovely name for a cat who is a hero
  13. Eskander– Persian version of Alexander, defender of mankind
  14. Hadi– Means a leader
  15. Hamid– Suits a praiseworthy cat
  16. Jalil– Ideal for a cat who plays an important role in your life
  17. Karkadann – Suits a huge Persian cat
  18. Kaveh– Ideal for a cat who is truly loyal
  19. Kian– Perfect name for a cat who likes to sit majestically as a king
  20. Khwaja– Iranian name meaning little master
  21. Muhammad– For a praiseworthy cat
  22. Musa– For a cat who’s like a son to you
  23. Narin– For a gentle and tender feline friend
  24. Navid– Meaning good news
  25. Nima– Means fair for a cat with a white coat
  26. Oman– Suits a cat who gives you faith
  27. Osman– Meaning protection, suits a cat who is protective of you
  28. Pedram– Suits a happy cat
  29. Piruz– Ideal for a victorious feline
  30. Rahman– Suits a merciful cat
  31. Sam– For a cat with a dark coat
  32. Sergeant– For a cat who is quick to follow instruction
  33. Sharif– Suits a virtuous cat
  34. Shapur—Meaning son of the king for a cat who loves royal treatment
  35. Soroush– Ideal for an obedient cat
  36. Yahya– This name reminds you of John the Baptist
  37. Zubin– Meaning spear for a powerful and swift cat

Female Persian Cat Names

Female Persian Cat Names
  1. Ahoo– Meaning deer for a swift cat
  2. Almira– Means of higher-order, suits a virtuous kitty
  3. Anahita– Persian goddess of water and fertility
  4. Daria– Refers to royal gift
  5. Aryana-Meaning pure for an innocent cat
  6. Arzu– Ideal for a cat who is an answered prayer
  7. Berina– Means the highest
  8. Darya– For a cat who reminds you to do good always
  9. Dilruba– For a cat who won your heart
  10. Etty– Refers to the star
  11. Fareena– Ideal name for a merciful pussy
  12. Farsiris– For a cat who likes to be treated like a princess
  13. Farzin– For a cat who behaves like the queen of the house
  14. Finna– A lovely name for a white-haired cat
  15. Friya– Perfect name for an affectionate cat
  16. Heer– Means riches
  17. Homa– Refers to phoenix for a powerful and loyal cat
  18. Mahsa– For a lovely cat with a bright silvery coat resembling the moon
  19. Meesha– Refers to marigold flower, suits a beautiful and cheerful cat
  20. Meag– Meaning child of light for a virtuous cat
  21. Mina– Means azure, a symbol of peace and tranquility
  22. Minoo– Meaning paradise suits a lovely cat
  23. Mirzeta-Means princess for a beautiful and well-mannered cat
  24. Nijaza– For a cat who is your confident
  25. Negina -This rare gemstone is the perfect name for a precious little cat
  26. Nousha– Means honeyed for a sweet and adorable Persian cat
  27. Omid– For a cat who makes you be hopeful
  28. Paniz– Refers to sugar, ideal name for a cat who is a darling to you
  29. Sanaz– Suits a gracious cat
  30. Shadman– For a happy and cheerful feline
  31. Shahlah– For a cat with beautiful shy eyes
  32. Sanaz– Meaning full of grace
  33. Sheeva– Suits your charming friend
  34. Tabinda– Means shining and bright
  35. Tarja – Refers to upholder of good
  36. Tawana– Suits a cat who can multitask
  37. Vardo– Refers to a rose for a beautiful cat
  38. Vida – Meaning visible, with this cat on your side everything becomes clear
  39. Yegane– For a uniquely beautiful cat

Final Thoughts

It is always advisable that you observe the character of your cat before giving them a name so that you will not give a calm name to one that is far from it. As much as it is your choice to name them whatever they want, remember to respect your cat and give them something meaningful.



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