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100 Awesome Irish Cat Names

If you have got a great companion in your family, you have just taken a very great step in chasing away loneliness in your house. However, to make sure this pet is truly yours, you need to give your furry friend a great name that describes him or her perfectly. A cat is a very wise and sensitive pet, which only gives respect when you give the same to him or her. Therefore, choose a great name for them and not one that is plain and ordinary.

Why Irish Cat Names Are So Popular

The Irish culture is a bit interesting but not so much different from what most Western countries have. Nevertheless, Ireland has a custom of being very friendly with people shaking hands when they meet and well-mannered where they use words like thank you and please. Associated with this culture are saints and scholars. These could be the reasons why many people want to be associated with the Irish, even in naming their feline friend. Whether it’s your love for the Irish accent or interested in finding a cool name, the following list of 100 great Irish cat names will help you find the right inspiration.

  1. Cacia – for cats that are very active and vigilant
  2. Fionn – a male cat name for handsome cats
  3. Berkely – a cat name after Birch tree meadow
  4. Kagen – a cat that is very creative and a great thinker
  5. Murphy – a cat that was got from and a great warrior
  6. Conan – a great name for kittens and small cats
  7. Cillian – for cats that are always bitter
  8. Colla – a cat name for old adult cats
  9. Carney – for cats are victorious in various activities
  10. Aidan – for cats little cats that are very active
  11. Donovan – a male cat name for dark-furred kittens
  12. Gallagher – a cat that is helpful or crucial in your home
  13. Finley – a male cat name referring to a hero
  14. Doyle – a cat name for a black cat that is not used to your homes
  15. Finnegan – for white cats
  16. Rory – for cats that are fiery and very domineering
  17. Quinn – for cats that are very wise
  18. Darcy – a great name for black-haired cats
  19. Niall – a cat name meaning victor
  20. Finn – for young cats that are great fighters
  21. Cormac – for cats that reminds you of your son
  22. Liam – for cats that are very brave and great warriors
  23. Rhys – a male cat name meaning adoration
  24. Kira – for cats that are dark
  25. Oral – a female cat name referring to those cats that are pretty and beautiful
  26. Rosalyn – female cat name for beautiful cats
  27. Lia – for cats that brought some good news to you
  28. Meara – a cat name that reminds you of the merry moment you had when you got the cat
  29. Glenda – for those cats that are clean and righteous
  30. Sybil – a cat name that reminds you of that fortune teller
  31. Lona – for those cats that are very precious, beautiful and expensive
  32. Deirdre – a female cat name referring to a woman
  33. Muriel – for bright cats
  34. Sheena – a cat name that every day reminds you of the Grace of God
  35. Erin – a cat that was got from a prosperous and a land of abundance
  36. Brigid – a cat that is much disciplined and very virtuous
  37. Shanna – a cat that is wiser than his or her peers
  38. Breana – for cats that are honorable
  39. Cadie – for cats that produces melodious sounds
  40. Siobhan – a cat name that remind you of the Grace of God
  41. Sinead – a great name to remind you that you are forgiven
  42. Saoirse – a cat name that reminds of the freedom
  43. Liffy – a cat name after the river that flows through Dublin
  44. Cashel – a cat name after Rock of Cashel
  45. Dublin – a cat name after the capital city of Ireland
  46. Cork – after this famous city in Ireland
  47. Limerick – for old cats after the ancient Irish city
  48. Belfast – a cat name after this largest city in Northern Ireland
  49. Galway – a cat name after this city in West Ireland
  50. Guinness – for those who love this famous beer in the world
  51. Jameson – for the lovers of Jameson Irish whiskey
  52. Celt – for a cat that came from Celt
  53. Gael – for cats that have their origin from Irish
  54. Leprechaun – for a cat that has a character that resembles this character in Irish history
  55. Shamrock – a great name of a cat representing the national symbol of Ireland
  56. Bailey – for those who love Irish cream
  57. Macushla – a great name for a very darling cat to you
  58. Mave – a female cat name for a cat that was got in the season of joy
  59. Keely – for cats that are beautiful
  60. Elly – for cats that are very bright and have big eyes like a torch
  61. Coamh – for cats that are easily lovable
  62. Gorman – for cats that are blue-eyed or name given to cats whose owner’s favorite color is blue
  63. Glasnevin – a cat name after the neighbor of Dublin
  64. Ambros – a cat that has some outstanding character in nature
  65. Aodhfin – a great cat name for white cats
  66. Breann – for strong and powerful cats
  67. Alaine – for female cats that are very beautiful
  68. Islen – for cats that have very sharp and acute vision
  69. Padraigin – for noble cats
  70. Quinn – for cats that are very intelligent
  71. Raegan –for impulsive cats
  72. Ranalt – for cat that are very charming harming
  73. Ena –a cat name representing fireire
  74. Teagan – for beautiful cats
  75. Fallon – for cats that are great in being in-charge
  76. Pierve – for hardy cats
  77. Eimhin – for cats that are very swift in their activities
  78. Buckley – a male cat name referring to young cats
  79. Ualtar – for cats that are great fighters
  80. Sheridan – for cats that behave wildly
  81. Morgan – a cat that was got around the sea region and is a great fighter
  82. Mal – a cat name meant to honor it as a chief in your home
  83. Lugh – a cat that is excellent in war
  84. Ceallach – a cat that you got or rescued them from the strife
  85. Anntoin – a great name for cats that don’t carry themselves modestly
  86. Aoibheann – for cats that are fair in their capabilities and appearances
  87. Ammery – for cats that are relatively large
  88. Allana – a great name for a kitten who is like a child to you
  89. Etain – for cats that are very jealous
  90. Erin – a cat name after Ireland
  91. Eavan – for cats that are innocent and playful
  92. Murine – for cats that are a beloved to you
  93. Colleem – a female cat name for young cats
  94. Meara – a cat that is always happy and merry
  95. Mairea – cats that are very precious and beautiful to you
  96. Hiolair – a cat that is happy always
  97. Gormly – a cat that is always gloomy and sad
  98. Kelsey – a cat that is brave and bold
  99. Gobinet – a cat that brought joy to you and your family
  100. Rafferty – a great name for cats that prosperous in everything

Final Thoughts

After you have chosen its right name keep saying it whenever you are feeding him or her, cuddling, praising or cleaning them. Remember cats are independent, so when they don’t respond to the name at first don’t be discouraged, maybe it is just playing some hard-to-get. Always call them this name when they are doing the right thing, which means avoiding yelling at them when they are doing wrong things. Don’t alternate names or else you will confuse your furry friend.

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JennyJenny loves and adores her feline friends. To get a better understanding for them, she took several courses on animal behavior, concentrating on cats. This is exactly why she joined Feline Culture - to spread the love and knowledge of cats. When she's not writing, you'll usually find her eating Cherry Garcia Ice Cream

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