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100 Great Hawaiian Cat Names5 min read

August 17, 2019 4 min read


100 Great Hawaiian Cat Names5 min read

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Don’t say that there are no names for your Hawaiian cat. There are numerous cute names that will replace that any random, meaningless name you refer your feline friend with.

Did you know that sometimes your cat behaves according to the name you give them?

Best Hawaiian Cat Names

No matter the background of your cat, there is a unique name fit for him or her. Nevertheless, you don’t have to choose a long name that will create some confusion.

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That’s why it is recommended that your pet name should not be longer than two syllables. Some of the names below are great suggestions for your Hawaiian cat.

  1. Kai – meaning ocean
  2. Alemana – meaning a warrior
  3. Lahela – variant of Rachael
  4. Alana – meaning awaken
  5. Emma – a popular choice for female pets
  6. Alamea – meaning precious
  7. Sabastian – meaning revered
  8. Meka – a great name for a big-eyed pet
  9. Maleah – name her after that unique young lady you love
  10. Kikokiko – name for speckled cats
  11. Aka – meaning shadow
  12. Hula – this is Hawaiian Dance, so it is a great name for a pet that loves to move
  13. Pineki – a good name for a smaller pet
  14. Lani – meaning heavenly
  15. Kona – for cats that behave like a lady
  16. Keiki – a great name for a companion pet
  17. Inoki – for those devoted cats
  18. Malia – for calm cats
  19. Akela – name for noble cats
  20. Kana – given to express how powerful your cat is
  21. Leia – some cats are lazy and this name can describe them for it means exhausted or tired. It’s a great name for older cats.
  22. Kapu – means beware, if you want others to know your cat is around
  23. Alika – meaning guardian
  24. Eneki – meaning avid or eager
  25. Akamai – great for a smart cat
  26. Alie – for truthful and noble cats
  27. Ulani – for cats that give heavenly inspiration
  28. Punahele – name for your favorite cat
  29. Shaka – it is an expression meaning hello or goodbye
  30. Malea – Hawaiian name for Mary
  31. Kawaii – meaning the water
  32. Jasmin – meaning flower
  33. Kala – meaning black in color
  34. Lanikai – means heavenly sea
  35. Keone – best for kitten meaning little rascal
  36. Hani – meaning adopt or lucky
  37. Etana – name for strong cats
  38. Analu – meaning a man.
  39. Waha Nui – for big-mouthed cats
  40. Lilo – for generous cats
  41. Chantelle – it means a song or a stone place
  42. Koa – for those brave or fearless cats
  43. Zach – you may name the cat to remind you how God remembered you
  44. Mana – for powerful cats
  45. Ukukani – meaning heavenly inspiration
  46. Mana – meaning supernatural force within
  47. Josh – if you want your name to have a religious connotation, then give him or her the name meaning God saves
  48. Kalea – the name means bright to express how fast they grab their names and how they do their things
  49. Kaiko – meaning stormy sea
  50. Kale – meaning bright
  51. Kelani – meaning heaven
  52. Kekoa – if you cat can defend your baby by killing that poisonous snake then give them the name expressing their brevity.
  53. Ipo – Call them Ipo if they are such a darling to you
  54. Wikiwiki – is he or she very quick, speedy, or fast
  55. Miki – for quick or nimble cats
  56. Bane – meaning the long-waited child
  57. Mele – the name means a song
  58. Surfy – the name means just wanted
  59. Hiwakea – for black and white cats
  60. Aliikai – meaning the Queen of the sea
  61. Milani – meaning caress
  62. Elise – A short version of the beautiful name Elizabeth
  63. Kaipo – he or she is your sweetheart
  64. Alex – if your cat is defending, this is his or her name
  65. Keanu – A great name for any pet, and one that was used for the Key and Peele directed film
  66. Lake – the name means tame
  67. Kaimi – meaning baby
  68. Malean – expresses the aspect of bitterness
  69. Viktor – has he conquered tuff situations and come out victorious? This is their name
  70. Olina – is she always joyous? Olina is her name
  71. Meli – meaning honey
  72. Mali – for calm cats
  73. Asera – if he or she always brings you some luck when with them. Call them Asera
  74. Dusty – meaning covered with dust or tingled with grey, you can give the name to a grey-colored cat
  75. Haloa – you are looking forward for eternal life after death? give this name to your cat meaning eternal life
  76. Roselani – means heavenly rose
  77. Kolohe – it is for male cat meaning rascal in Hawaii
  78. Pika – Hawaiian name for peter
  79. Leilan – meaning a heavenly flower
  80. Alika – if they are trustworthy, give them the name
  81. Hoku – is he or she your star? Hoku is their name
  82. Nani – is she very beautiful? Nani is her name
  83. Akela – if they grab some lessons quickly, you can call them Akela meaning wisdom
  84. Koa – you think your cat is strong? Give them this name
  85. Hiapo – meaning first born in Hawaii
  86. Kaleikaumaka – meaning a child to be looked upon with love; a great name for kittens
  87. Teddy – meaning prosperous guardian
  88. Alani –you may be in love with orange tree or fruit, Alani will be the best name for him or her
  89. Malo – for victorious cats
  90. Kona – the name means black coffee that is blended from Hawaii. It can describe a black-colored cat
  91. Aloha – for those loving and kind cats
  92. Ano – the name means immaculate
  93. Noelani – is she a beautiful girl from heaven to you? This is her name
  94. Kieli – means heavenly garden
  95. Kulani – meaning reveal heaven
  96. Keola – meaning the life
  97. Kai – meaning rejoice or celebration
  98. Iolana – meaning soaring hawk
  99. Kona – meaning a lady, if she seems like a lady to you, give them the name
  100. Kaelyn – meaning meadow

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Most of the names above are short and easy for your cat to understand.

Remember to give your cat a name that you will be free to yell even in public places.

The above is not the only great names for Hawaiian cats, they are overall awesome suggestions well worth considering for a cat that is from Hawaii or for anyone that simply wants to give their cat a Hawaiian name.

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