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100 Most Popular Ginger Cat Names

You have already taken a very important step in deciding to buy a cat. Now what? The next step is to research and make all the necessary choices to take proper care of your cat, and once even that is done, it is time to find a great name for your cat.

Even if you consider this insignificant, do consider your cat as yet another addition to your family and take the time out to name it. Just like human beings, even cats react according to the name you give them. So, make sure to give one that matches his or her traits and would keep them happy.


Popular Ginger Cat Names

Unlike other cats that are named after their breed, Ginger cats are named after the color of their coat which is basically orange.

Of course in places like the U.S., an orange cat is still referred with the same name but things change when it comes to the United Kingdom and other British countries where they refer to them as Ginger, red or even marmalade.

Ginger cats are believed to be friendly and easy to approach. That’s why we have listed the following 100 Ginger cat names to help you name them.


  1. Nutmeg – a cat name expressing the love of this orange spice
  2. Oliver – a cat name for the fans of Disney’s Oliver and Company
  3. Nemo – for those who love this film
  4. Winnie – a cat name from pooh series
  5. Tiger – An orange cat at that is tiny; it is a great name for kittens
  6. Tigger – an energetic orange cat; great name for mature cats that are basically huge
  7. Sweet potatoes – a cat name that reminds you of this food
  8. Orange – for those cats that are orange and great in their behavior.
  9. Sunray – an awesome name for cats that resembles sunshine and are brightly furred
  10. Simba – for cats that are brave and strong
  11. Sherbert – a cat name after orange Sherbert
  12. Rusty – for cats that are red-haired
  13. Saffron – for the love of this orange spice
  14. Wesley – a cat name after Ron Wesley
  15. Pumpkin – a great name for a plump and orange-furred cat
  16. Poppy – for cats that are orange and bright
  17. Opie – a name for red-headed male cats
  18. Nectarine – for those who love this type of an orange fruit
  19. Penny – for cats whose fur color is ginger
  20. Peaches – a cat name for those who love this type of an orange fruit
  21. Paprika – a cat name after this spice which has a lot of flavor
  22. Pepper Ann – a cat name after this character in Disney
  23. Persimmon – for cats that have orange fur
  24. Prince Harry – for popular and funny cats with orange-colored fur
  25. Orangina – for cats that love playing on things are orange in color
  26. Molly Ringwald – a female cat name for red-headed cats
  27. Mango – for the love of this orange colored fruit
  28. Marigold – for cats that are pretty and yellow-furred
  29. Alani – for cat owners who basically love orange
  30. Sahara – for cats that are grey in color and are can survive even in the most difficult situations
  31. Cairo – for a cat that was got from Egypt
  32. Athens – for the love of this Capital city in Greece
  33. Copper – for hardy cats that are orange-furred
  34. Amber – for cats that have an orange-like fur all over their body including their eyes
  35. Quartz – for those cats that are very precious to you and are orange-furred
  36. Buttercup – for cats that are very beautiful and are orange furred
  37. Autumn – for a cat that you got during this season
  38. Apricot – for those cat owners that love this sweet fruit
  39. Butternut – a cat name that reminds you of this orange vegetable
  40. Carrot top – for cats that are famous and are red-headed
  41. Cayenne – for those who love this spice.
  42. Cheddar – for the love of this cheese
  43. Cheeto – for cat owners that love this snack
  44. Chester – a cat name that reminds you of this snack
  45. Coral – for orange cats that love playing with water
  46. Curry – a cat name after a popular Indian cuisine
  47. Crook shanks – after the cat character in potter’s series
  48. Daphne – a female cat name after Scooby Doo heroine
  49. Dorito – for those who love this cheesy snack food
  50. Fanta – a cat that brings a lot of fun to you and keeps you lively. Besides, it is a cat name for those who are fun of a soft drink called Fanta
  51. Fiona – a female cat name after Princess Fiona
  52. Daisy – for beautiful cats with orange-colored fur
  53. Gold – for cats with golden fur
  54. Goldie – for golden-colored kitty
  55. Heathcliff – a popular orange cat from the 80’
  56. Honey – for cats that are cute, have great character and have golden fur
  57. Lantana – a cat name that reminds you of this tropical plant
  58. Lucille Ball – a cat name after comedian Lucille Ball
  59. Arancione – for cats that are purely orange in their appearance
  60. Butterfly – for playful and beautiful cats
  61. Blaze – for cats that are brightly yellowish
  62. Clementine – for those who love this type of an orange fruit
  63. Cheyenne – for cats with red-colored fur
  64. Daidaiiro – for cats that are orange especially if it was got from Japan
  65. Dalandan – for orange cats that were got from Filipino
  66. Flame – for cats with very bright eyes
  67. Florida – after the place where oranges originated
  68. Goldish – for cats with golden fur
  69. Ginger – a name for adult cats that have red-colored fur
  70. Komala – for an orange cat that was got from Bangali
  71. Laranja – for an orange cat that has a Portuguese origin
  72. Monarch – for playful, pretty, and orange cats
  73. Redhead – for cats with red-colored hair
  74. Satsuma – a great cat name for those who love this type of orange
  75. Sunset – for a cat that joined your family at sunset and is orange
  76. Sunflower – for brightly orange cats that are generally beautiful
  77. Scully – for red-headed cats
  78. Salmon – for the love of this orange colored fruit
  79. Van Gogh – a name for red-headed male cat
  80. Diamond – for expensive and precious cats
  81. Crimson – for cats that have light red fur
  82. Katom – for an orange cat with a Hebrew origin
  83. April – a cat name after an apricot which is purely orange
  84. Sunrise – for early rising cats
  85. Karaka – for cats that are orange haired that have Maori origin
  86. Bell – for lightweight cats that are orange in color
  87. Beeker – a cat name after Muppet with orange hair
  88. Donald Trump – for a dominant and famous red-headed cat
  89. Orange – for very straightforward cats
  90. Poppy – for beautiful cats with red or orange-colored hair
  91. Portokale – for an orange cat that has a Greek origin
  92. Dority – for the love of this orange snack
  93. Paprika – for those cats that darling to you, very sweet in all traits
  94. Rojo – a red-furred cat with a Spanish origin
  95. Russet-Scarlet – for brightly red cats with light orange on them
  96. Tulip – for cats that have many colors
  97. Ember – for cats that have fiery orange eyes or fur
  98. Treasure – for cats that are of great value to you
  99. Prince Harry – for cats that are orange haired like Prince Harry
  100. Jupiter – for huge, orange colored cats


Final Thoughts

Whether you are thinking of giving your cat a name after its coat-color, origin, size, eyes or any other feature, the list shown above will be of great help.

Nevertheless, there are other names out there that you can pick from. You just need to give it more attention. Therefore, remember to be creative while naming your cat and make it a fun-filled activity. Also, observe the behavior of your cat before giving them a name.


About Jenny

JennyJenny loves and adores her feline friends. To get a better understanding for them, she took several courses on animal behavior, concentrating on cats. This is exactly why she joined Feline Culture - to spread the love and knowledge of cats. When she's not writing, you'll usually find her eating Cherry Garcia Ice Cream

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