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100 Great German Cat Names5 min read

July 13, 2019 4 min read


100 Great German Cat Names5 min read

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Whether you are a lover of the culture or simply want to look for an interesting name, you can now enjoy and feel part of this great Germany culture by naming your feline friend after some German names.

  1. Anka – a name for graceful cats
  2. Hilda – for cats that like having battles with others
  3. Helga – for cats that look clean and holy
  4. Brunhilde – for dark-furred and noble cats
  5. Britta – a beautiful name for cool cats
  6. Heidi – for cats belonging to a noble kin
  7. Liesel – a cat name to remind you that you of a certain oath you made
  8. Frieda – for peaceful or joyful cats
  9. Elsa – a female cat name of reminding you how your friend Elizabeth is awesome
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  11. Fritzi – for peaceful and calm cats
  12. Gretchen – a cat name that’s like a precious pearl to you
  13. Frau – a female cat name for Mrs.
  14. Greta – for the cats that are very precious to you
  15. Zelda – it’s a female cat name for warrior or fighter cats
  16. Ursula – awesome name for a female cat that look like a bear to you
  17. Marta – a name after a lady
  18. Trudi – for strong and fat cats
  19. Mischa – a cat name exalting the uniqueness of God
  20. Bruno – for brown-furred cats
  21. Wolfgang – for cats that usually lead the way for others
  22. Franz – a cat name expressing freedom
  23. Siegfried – for conqueror or victorious cats
  24. Dirk – for popular and famous cats
  25. Fritz – a great name for calm and peaceful cats
  26. Rolf – for brave and famous cats
  27. Otto – for cats that brought some wealth to your family
  28. Felix – for cats that are connected to the happiness and prosperity that they brought in the home
  29. Gunther – great name for cats that love fighting and has constant battles with others
  30. Max – for large-sized cats
  31. Hans – a cat name to remind you how God is gracious
  32. Kaiser – for cats that are leaders
  33. Clays – for cats that have are usually victorious
  34. Axel – a male cat name especially for older cats that are calm and peaceful
  35. Arnold – for powerful cats
  36. Arlo – female cat name for beautiful cats
  37. Berlin –a cat name to remind you of an awesome dinner, event, a proposal or anything that happened in the capital of German
  38. Rhine – a cat name to remind you of a river running through German
  39. Munich – for the love of this city in the southern region of German
  40. Cologne – a cat name named after metropolis city to remind you of something
  41. Hamburg – for the love of this city which is the second largest city in German
  42. Vienna – a cat name to remind you of your origin if you came from this city which is a German-speaking country in Austria
  43. Frankfurt – for the love of this old city in the central German
  44. Katze – the German name for cat
  45. Schatz – for cats that are precious and a treasure to you
  46. Katzchen – great name for kittens
  47. Maus – for small sized cats
  48. Schnitzel – for the lovers of this meat dish
  49. Liebling – for darling cats
  50. Barchen – great name for kittens
  51. Schnucki – for cats that are attractive
  52. Mausebar – a cute name for medium-sized cats
  53. Spatzle – for the lovers of this meal made of egg noodle
  54. Sauerkraut – a cat name for fermented Cabbage food
  55. Dutch – means a German
  56. Carlo – a cat name that expresses how free we are
  57. Rock – for cats that love resting a lot
  58. German – for cats that have a German origin
  59. Abelard – a cat name meaning resolute
  60. Adler – a cat name for fast and accurate cats
  61. Adelina – for noble cats
  62. Adalbert – for intelligent cats
  63. Adalrik – for cats that are very precious friend to you
  64. Adalhard – for the brave and wise cats
  65. Alphonso – for steady and eager cats
  66. Agatha – cat name expressing the good things it brought to your home
  67. Alhamanic – for cats that are unique in the midst of others
  68. Alda – for old cats
  69. Aloisia – great name for cats that like fighting
  70. Alese – for beautiful and attractive cats
  71. Abert – for Intelligent or honorable cats
  72. Altaman – for cats that learn things quickly including their names
  73. Ansel – a cat name that reminds you of God’s protection
  74. Antonie – a female cat name for princess cat
  75. Amey – for fast cats like an eagle
  76. Bathilde – a female cat name for heroine
  77. Bamey – for brave cats
  78. Baldric – for bold and courageous cats
  79. Bartram – for glorious cats
  80. Audrick – for honorable feline friend
  81. Arick – for honorable cats
  82. Baldwin – for courageous feline friend
  83. Dell – for honorable cats
  84. Dagmar – a cat name to remind you of that glorious day
  85. Conrad – a cat name after that honest and wise advisor
  86. Darek – for the love of this talent ruler
  87. Chriselda – for strong and courageous cats
  88. Delmy – for honorable and protective cats
  89. Eckerd – for clean cats
  90. Dick – for cats that are brave and strong
  91. Ebba – for strong cats
  92. Eginhrd – for strong cats
  93. Edsel – for cats that are honorable and brilliant in various activities
  94. Ema – some cats looks thoughtful every time, this is their name
  95. Elica – name given to honorable cats
  96. Engelbertina – for cats that are beautiful and have multiple colors on their fur
  97. Emma – for cats that are whole and complete
  98. Etta – for kittens that are beautiful
  99. Erich – cat name to remind you of your awesome friend called Eric
  100. Garan – for cats that are protective and great guardians
  101. Frimunt – name for excellent and honorable cats

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Final Thoughts

Every time you have come to this fun-full activity, remember to deploy your imaginative and creativity skills for it’s the name that your kitty will bear all their life. Keep their name short for them to absorb and process faster in their brains. Try to avoid contradictory names that are explicit that make you or the people around you uncomfortable whenever you yell your cat’s name in public. Just relax and give them the best name that you think is unique and remember to enjoy the activity.


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