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Fromm Cat Food Review16 min read

August 23, 2020 12 min read

Fromm Cat Food Review16 min read

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Your cat is a member of your family, so you want to treat him as such. If you’re looking for a cat food brand that cares about your cat almost as much as you do, Fromm is one to consider.

Fromm Family Pet Food is and always has been a family-owned and -operated business devoted to providing pets with the things they need to live long, healthy lives.

Read on to see what we think of the brand and to see our reviews for their top products.

Fromm Cat Food1 min read
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      How We Review Cat Food Brands

      The quality of your cat’s diet directly affects his health and long-term wellness. If he doesn’t get the nutrients he needs, his body won’t work properly, and he may be more prone to illness.

      The longer your cat goes without proper nutrition, the more likely he is to get sick and the shorter his lifespan may be.

      A nutritious diet for cats is founded in protein – animal protein, to be specific. Cats are obligate carnivores which means their bodies are biologically adapted to digest and derive nutrition from animal products like meat, poultry, and fish better than plants.

      Real animal protein should be the first ingredient in your cat’s food, and it shouldn’t be overshadowed by carbohydrate ingredients. Healthy fats are important, but they are best from animal sources as well.

      We know it can be overwhelming to try to interpret the information on a pet food label, so we’ve done our best to help you through it. We’ve tested and reviewed the top brands on the market to bring you the honest, straight-forward information you need to know to make a smart choice for your cat.

      Here are some of the things we look for in a good cat food brand:

      • High-quality animal protein as the first ingredient
      • Rich in healthy animal fats (ex: chicken fat or salmon oil)
      • Few to no carbohydrate ingredients (especially within the top 5)
      • Limited number of main ingredients plus supplements
      • No low-quality fillers, grains, or by-products

      We do our best to ensure the quality of every brand we recommend.

      In addition to checking the ingredients list, we also consider the recall history, the variety of recipes offered, and the pricing. The availability of the brand plays into our ratings as well because we know it’s important to customers.

      Overview of the Fromm Brand

      Though typically referred to as Fromm, the brand name is actually Fromm Family Pet Food.

      The name alone gives you a clue into the priorities of the brand which, as you might expect, is a family-owned company. In fact, Fromm is a fifth-generation family-owned and -operated pet food company

      Fromm is based in Wisconsin and has a long history of innovation and research in the pet industry. The Fromm family arrived in the United States from Germany in 1852 and, in 1904, four Fromm brothers created the family company.

      Though the family had its hands in a variety of industries, their pet food innovations sprouted from a collaboration with Dr. Robert Green to create the first canine distemper vaccine in the 1930s.

      In the 1940s, Fromm enlisted biochemist Dr. Willard Roberts to start researching and developing the first complete and balanced dry dog food by using large-scale scientific feeding trials.

      The first bag of Fromm Complete Dog Meal was sold in 1949 and the line grew over the coming decades to include formulas for working dogs as well as cats.

      The Fromm family celebrated 50 years of innovation with the release of Fromm Gold Nutritionals which now includes three dry cat food recipes.

      The majority of Fromm cat foods, however, belong to the Four-Star Nutritional line of products. The first variety-driven gourmet pet food, these products are designed for rotational feeding and are made with premium-quality meats and fish.

      What Kind of Cat Food Products Do They Offer?

      Fromm Family Pet Foods offers a wide variety of wet food and dry food products for cats. The majority of these products belong to the Four-Star Nutritionals line of products, though there are three dry food recipes in the Fromm Gold product line.

      The Four-Star Nutritionals line of products is designed for rotational feeding, the practice of introducing and maintaining variety in a pet’s diet. These recipes feature a number of unique proteins including chicken, beef, turkey, salmon, duck, lamb, and more.

      In terms of the number of products currently available, Fromm offers 12 different dry food recipes and 13 canned food formulas.

      Here is the nutritional information for some of the most popular cat food recipes:

      Dry Food Recipes

      RecipeProtein %Fat %Fiber %Moisture %Calories/Cup
      Four-Star Nutritionals Beef Livattini Veg Recipe3518610426
      Four-Star Nutritionals Chicken au Frommage Recipe3418610410
      Four-Star Nutritionals Game Bird Recipe3517610420
      Four-Star Nutritionals Hasen Duckenpfeffer Recipe3417610447
      Four-Star Nutritionals Salmon Tunachovy Recipe3515610433
      Four-Star Nutritionals Surf & Turf Recipe3818610425
      Four-Star Nutritionals Chicken A La Veg Recipe32195.510418
      Four-Star Nutritionals Duck A La Veg Recipe32175.510406
      Four-Star Nutritionals Salmon A La Veg Recipe32155.510397
      Fromm Family Gold Kitten Recipe34203.510450
      Fromm Family Gold Adult Recipe32183.510454
      Fromm Family Gold Mature Recipe30103.510422

      Wet Food Recipes

      RecipeProtein %Fat %Fiber %Moisture %Calories (kcal/kg)
      Four-Star Nutritionals Beef & Venison Pate Canned Food1151.278997
      Four-Star Nutritionals Beef Pate Canned Food1141.578893
      Four-Star Nutritionals Chicken & Duck Pate Canned Food1071.5781,086
      Four-Star Nutritionals Chicken & Salmon Pate Canned Food1071.578976
      Four-Star Nutritionals Chicken, Duck, & Salmon Pate Canned Food1071.5781,083
      Four-Star Nutritionals Chicken Pate Canned Food1061.2781,032
      Four-Star Nutritionals Duck A La Veg Pate Canned Food1061.5781,067
      Four-Star Nutritionals Lamb Pate Canned Food961.578987
      Four-Star Nutritionals Salmon & Tuna Pate Canned Food1071.5781,068
      Four-Star Nutritionals Seafood & Shrimp Pate Canned Food1031.578916
      Four-Star Nutritionals Turkey & Duck Pate Canned Food114.51.2781,071
      Four-Star Nutritionals Turkey & Pumpkin Pate Canned Food1051.278965
      Four-Star Nutritionals Turkey Pate Canned Food861.5781,044

      Product Recall History

      Fromm is and always has been a family-owned and -operated company dedicated to quality. Based in Wisconsin, the company opened its second pet food plant in 2009 which has since been expanded and continues to develop.

      The Fromm family is committed to research and innovation, so it isn’t surprising to learn that the brand doesn’t have a long history of recalls.

      Here is an overview of Fromm pet food recalls:

      • March 2016 (inadequate vitamin D levels) – All lots of 12-ounce cans of Fromm Gold canned dog foods were recalled due to inadequate levels of vitamin D.

      As you can see, not only is there just a single recall in Fromm history but it didn’t affect their cat food products. It’s also worth noting the recall was for a formulation error, not a safety issue such as contamination with food-borne pathogens.

      A brand’s recall history isn’t the only thing to consider when evaluating it for quality, but a lack of recalls does help confirm a brand’s claimed commitment to quality and safety.

      Products Included in This Review

      NameTypeProtein %Fat %Top 5 Ingredients
      Four-Star Nutritionals Hasen Duckenpfeffer RecipeDry3417Rabbit, duck, duck meal, turkey liver, dried whole egg
      Four-Star Nutritionals Game Bird RecipeDry3517Turkey, turkey broth, chicken, chicken meal, peas
      Fromm Family Gold Adult RecipeDry3218Duck, chicken meal, pearled barley, white rice, salmon meal
      Four-Star Nutritionals Lamb Pate Canned FoodWet96Broth, lamb, lamb liver, pearled barley, pork
      Four-Star Nutritionals Chicken & Duck Pate Canned FoodWet107Chicken, chicken broth, chicken liver, duck, flaxseed

      Four-Star Nutritionals Hasen Duckenpfeffer Recipe Dry Cat Food

      Product Info:

      • Type of Food: Dry
      • First 5 Ingredients: Rabbit, duck, duck meal, turkey liver, dried whole egg
      • Guaranteed Analysis: 34% Protein Min, 17% Fat Min, 6% Fiber Max, 10% Moisture Max
      • Calories per Cup: 447 kcal/cup
      • Price Per Pound/Ounce: $3.24/pound


      Rabbit, Duck, Duck Meal, Turkey Liver, Dried Whole Egg, Peas, Potatoes, Chickpeas, Lentils, Chicken Meal, Pea Protein, Dried Tomato Pomace, Chicken Broth, Chicken Fat, Salmon Oil, Pea Fiber, Flaxseed, DL-Methionine, Carrots, Celery, Lettuce, Watercress, Spinach, Potassium Chloride, Salt, Chicory Root Extract, Yucca Schidigera Extract, Taurine, Sodium Selenite, Folic Acid, Parsley, Sorbic Acid (Preservative), Vitamins, Minerals, Probiotics.

      From Fromm’s Four-Star Nutritionals line of products, this dry food formula features a blend of rabbit and duck. Fresh rabbit is the first ingredient followed by fresh duck, supplemented with additional animal protein from duck meal, turkey liver, chicken meal, and dried whole egg.

      This grain-free formula is made with several carbohydrates, namely peas, potatoes, chickpeas, and lentils. All of these are fairly digestible for cats, though the starch content of the recipe may be a little high.

      The estimated carbohydrate content is around 25% or less, however, which is lower than the average dry cat food but still higher than we’d like to see.

      In addition to plenty of protein, this formula contains both chicken fat and salmon oil. These are nutritious sources of biologically valuable fat for cats and should help provide a balance of omega-3s and omega-6s in combination with the flaxseed.

      This recipe contains several fresh vegetables which act as natural sources for key nutrients, though there is also a fairly long list of synthetic vitamins and minerals. You’ll also find dried fermentation products for probiotic support, though it’s unclear how much these products survive the extrusion process.

      Four-Star Nutritionals Game Bird Recipe Dry Cat Food

      Product Info:

      • Type of Food: Dry
      • First 5 Ingredients: Turkey, turkey broth, chicken, chicken meal, peas
      • Guaranteed Analysis: 35% Protein Min, 17% Fat Min, 6% Fiber Max, 10% Moisture Max
      • Calories per Cup: 420 kcal/cup
      • Price Per Pound/Ounce: $3.24/pound


      Duck ,duck meal, pea protein, turkey, whole dried eggs, peas chicken meal, pea flour, dried tomato pomace, potatoes, chicken broth, turkey liver, quail, sweet potatoes, salmon oil (preserved with mixed tocopherols), chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols), chicken, pea fiber, pheasant, cheese, flaxseed, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, apples, green beans, chicken cartilage, taurine, dl-methionine, potassium chloride, cranberries, blueberries, salt, chicory root extract alfalfa sprouts, yucca schidigera extract, sodium selenite, folic acid, parsley Vitamins: vitamin A acetate, Vitamin D3 supplement, etc..

      Similar to the previous recipe, this formula belongs to Fromm’s Four-Star Nutritionals line of products and is made in small batches using high-quality ingredients.

      This formula features turkey and chicken as the primary proteins with a little bit of duck, goose, pheasant, and quail. The first ingredient is fresh turkey, followed by turkey broth, chicken, and chicken meal. You’ll also notice some pea protein like the previous recipe as well as dried eggs.

      Peas and chickpeas are the primary carbohydrates in this grain-free formula, supplemented by potatoes and sweet potatoes with dried tomato pomace as an extra source of fiber. The estimated carbohydrate content for this formula is similar to the previous.

      Fromm Family Gold Adult Recipe Dry Cat Food

      Product Info:

      • Type of Food: Dry
      • First 5 Ingredients: Duck, chicken meal, pearled barley, white rice, salmon meal
      • Guaranteed Analysis: 32% Protein Min, 18% Fat Min, 3.5% Fiber Max, 10% Moisture Max
      • Calories per Cup: 454 kcal/cup
      • Price Per Pound/Ounce: $2.98/pound


      Duck, Chicken Meal, Pearled Barley, Rice, Salmon Meal, Tomato Pomace, Whole Egg, Chicken Fat (preserved with Mixed Tocopherols and Citric Acid), Rice Gluten, Chicken, Chicken Liver, Potato, Salmon Oil (preserved with Mixed Tocopherols), Oat Fiber, Cheese, Flaxseed, Brewers Dried Yeast, DL-Methionine, Alfalfa Meal, Lecithin, Chicken Cartilage, Potassium Chloride, Salt, Chicory Root Extract, Yucca Schidigera Extract, Taurine, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Bifidobacterium Longum, Lactobacillus Plantar.

      The most affordable of the three dry foods we’ve reviewed, what makes this Fromm Family Gold Adult recipe noticeably different is the use of grains as primary ingredients. Other than that, however, we don’t see too many differences until we get past the first 10 ingredients.

      This recipe features fresh duck as the main ingredient with chicken meal as the second. Salmon meal, chicken liver, and dried whole egg provide supplemental sources of protein with a little from brewers dried yeast further down the list. Chicken cartilage provides a natural source of minerals.

      Though this recipe isn’t grain-free, pearled barley is generally considered a nutritious grain. White rice, however, is less so than brown rice. The estimated carbohydrate content of this recipe is close to 30%.

      Four-Star Nutritionals Lamb Pate Canned Food

      Product Info:

      • Type of Food: Wet
      • First 5 Ingredients: Broth, lamb, lamb liver, pearled barley, pork
      • Guaranteed Analysis: 9% Protein Min, 6% Fat Min, 1.5% Fiber Max, 78% Moisture Max
      • Calories per Cup: 153 kcal/can (5.5 oz.)
      • Price Per Pound/Ounce: $0.38/ounce


      Broth, Lamb, Lamb Liver, Pearled Barley, Pork, Tomato Paste, Potassium Chloride, Salt, Minerals, Xanthan Gum, Calcium Sulfate, Locust Bean Gum, Taurine, Vitamins.

      This savory recipe features finely minced lamb cooked in broth, prepared in small batches to ensure quality and flavor. Like all recipes included in the Four-Star Nutritionals line, this formula is designed to be fed interchangeably with other canned foods as well as Fromm dry foods.

      Though broth is the first ingredient in this recipe, it’s important to remember the ingredients list is ordered by volume – it’s fairly common for the liquid ingredient to be listed first. It’s a little strange the type of broth isn’t listed, but it’s unlikely to be a problem.

      Fresh lamb is the main source of protein in this formula, supplemented with lamb liver and fresh pork. The only other main ingredient is pearled barley, though there’s a little tomato paste for fiber.

      Pearled barley is generally considered a wholesome, nutritious grain for pets and it likely isn’t included in a significant amount since the estimated carbohydrate content for this formula is under 3%.

      Four-Star Nutritionals Chicken & Duck Pate Canned Food

      Product Info:

      • Type of Food: Wet
      • First 5 Ingredients: Chicken, chicken broth, chicken liver, duck, flaxseed
      • Guaranteed Analysis: 10% Protein Min, 7% Fat Min, 1.5% Fiber Max, 78% Moisture Max
      • Calories per Cup: 169 kcal/can (5.5 oz.)
      • Price Per Pound/Ounce: $0.38/ounce


      Chicken, Chicken Broth, Chicken Liver, Duck, Flaxseed, Tomato Paste, Salt, Potassium Chloride, Minerals, Xanthan Gum, Dried Egg Product, Locust Bean Gum, Taurine, Vitamins.

      Similar to the previous recipe, this formula features real animal protein cooked in a flavorful broth. In this case, chicken is the primary protein and the broth is chicken broth. Chicken liver and fresh duck provide supplemental sources of protein.

      The only other ingredients in this recipe are flaxseed and tomato paste, plus salt and the necessary vitamin and mineral supplements to ensure complete and balanced nutrition.

      You’ll see xanthan gum, dried egg product, and locust bean gum on the list as well but, because they appear after salt, it’s unlikely they are included in amounts over 1%. The gums are primarily used as thickeners.

      We’re glad to see the minerals are chelated for the most part – this simply means they’ve been chemically bound to protein molecules which increases their absorption and utilization.

      Overall, this seems to be a nutritionally balanced recipe with a high proportion of quality animal proteins.

      What Do Customers Think of Fromm Cat Food?

      It’s tricky to get an overall idea of how customers feel about Fromm cat food because neither Chewy nor Amazon are authorized resellers. That being said, you can find certain Fromm cat foods on Amazon and the products available are rated very well.

      Several of the cat food formulas have 100 customer reviews or more and all have a 4-star rating or higher. Customers seem to be pleased with the quality of the ingredients, though many comment on the high price tag.

      How Much Does Fromm Cat Food Cost?

      When it comes to pricing cat food, you’ll often find price is equated with quality. The higher the quality the ingredients, the more expensive the food.

      Dry food from Fromm comes at two slightly different price ranges. The Fromm Gold line of three dry foods is priced just under $3.00 per pound while the Four-Star Nutritionals line averages around $3.24 per pound. You’ll get the best price from buying the largest bag you can find.

      Fromm canned food is fairly affordable, considering the quality. It is priced around $0.38 per ounce without a significant difference in pricing between formulas. The exception is the Duck a La Veg recipe which is priced at $0.44 per ounce on the Go Fromm website.

      To give you a better idea how Fromm stacks up against other cat food brands, here is a quick chart to show you some average prices:

      Where Can You Buy Fromm Cat Food?

      Unfortunately, Fromm is a brand that can be a little tricky to find in stores. You won’t find Fromm cat food on Chewy, but you can find certain products for sale on Amazon.

      That being said, Fromm has made a statement on their website that Amazon is not an authorized reseller. The best place to buy Fromm cat food is through the brand’s website Go Fromm or in local and regional independent and specialty pet food stores. Animal and feed supply stores also sometimes carry Fromm pet food.

      Our Final Thoughts: Is Fromm a Good Brand?

      Overall, Fromm seems to be a trustworthy cat food brand that offers a variety of product choices. Not only are we pleased with the variety and quality, but we like that they encourage rotational feeding and design their formulas with that in mind.

      Fromm uses high-quality animal proteins in their recipes with very little plant protein. Carbohydrate use is more limited than many dry food brands, and their wet food formulas are particularly low in carbs.

      If you’re looking for a cat food brand that offers a variety of flavors for your cat to choose from, Fromm is one to consider. Their wet food formulas are surprisingly affordable for the quality and they make it easy to feed your cat a mixed diet of wet and dry foods.


      Kate Barrington is avid dog lover and adoring owner of three cats, Kate’s love for animals has led her to a successful career as a freelance writer specializing in pet care and nutrition. Kate is also a blogger for a number of organic and natural food companies as well as a columnist for several pet magazines
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