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100 Most Popular Christmas Cat Names5 min read

October 31, 2018 5 min read


100 Most Popular Christmas Cat Names5 min read

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Christmas happens to be one of the long-awaited seasons by most of the people all over the globe. This is the season characterized by joy and celebrations where family members gather to catch up. This also happens to be the season where many tries cooking various dishes. You can make the season even better by acquiring a cat that may bring joy to the family.

With such moments and season that only happen once a year, you will need to retain the memories by giving your cat a name that will capture the season. By calling your cat by name, he or she will react accordingly. Whatever name you give it will define it from that point on. That’s why you have to give your cat a great name that will sound nice even in the ears of the public.

Christmas Cat Names

Christmas happens to be the most popular day that’s celebrated everywhere. During this festive season, you can name your cat according to the weather of the season, different dishes served, religious meaning attached to the season, or feelings and activities done throughout the day. To help give you some ideas, we have provided a list of 100 great Christmas cat names down below.

  1. Gabriel – for cats that brought some good news
  2. Bethlehem – for the reminder of where Jesus was born
  3. Bell – to remind you of the season
  4. Angel – for cats that are amazing
  5. Candy – for the lovers of candies
  6. Cherubim – to show the angelic appearance
  7. Cherub – for innocent cats
  8. Cheer – to commemorate celebratory mood
  9. Chocolate – for pleasant cats
  10. Christian – if you’re a Christ follower
  11. Candy cat – a cat that will remind you your love for candy
  12. Joy – for cats that came during cheerful moments
  13. Blessing – for cats that brought prosperity and joy in life
  14. December – to remind you of the month that Christmas is celebrated
  15. Dove – for peaceful and innocent cats
  16. Dancer –for jovial cats
  17. Crystal – for white cats
  18. Eve – female name for cats got a night before 25th of December
  19. Evergreen – for cool and pleasant cats
  20. Feliz Navidad – for the love of the song by Jose Feliciano
  21. Faithful – for trustworthy cats
  22. Frankincense – for the love of the these spices
  23. Fruitcake – for those who love this cake
  24. Gloria – female cat name for pretty cats
  25. Glory – for beautiful cats
  26. Glitters – for bright cats
  27. Grace – for cats that brought favor to your family
  28. Happy – for jovial cats
  29. Holy – for blameless cats
  30. Honor – for trustable cats
  31. Hope – to express that hope you get in every Christmas
  32. Jerusalem – for the love of the capital of Israel
  33. Jingle bells – to remind of that awesome Christmas melody
  34. King – for majestic cats
  35. Magic – for powerful and mysterious cats
  36. Magical – for extraordinary cats
  37. Mary – female cat name after the mother of Jesus
  38. Merry – for joyful cats
  39. Nazareth – for the love of the city
  40. Olive – a cat name that reminds you of various dishes during Christmas
  41. Peace – for calm cats
  42. Pumpkin – for large and plump cats
  43. Santa Cruz – for the love of father Christmas
  44. Shepherd – for cats that take good care of things
  45. Silver bells – for silver furred cats
  46. Spice – for the love of this ingredient that give food sweet taste
  47. Tuttle – for humble and submissive cats
  48. Miracle – for cats that are extraordinary powerful
  49. Teddy bear – for adorable and amazing cats
  50. Mars – for cats that are brightly furred
  51. Romeo – for loving and adorable cat that comes when you call
  52. Sebastian – a great cat name after your belief
  53. Candle – for bright and white cats
  54. Midnight – for a cat that came during the night
  55. Snowy – for white and grey cats
  56. Snowflake – a cat that will always remind you of winter
  57. Carol – a cat that will remind you of Christmas carols
  58. Blizzard – a cat that is full of game
  59. Charity – a cat name that will remind you of the giving season
  60. Jesus – for the friendly and sweet cats
  61. Joseph – a name that will remind you of Jesus’ father
  62. Buddy – for those cats that are your close friend
  63. Sugarplum – for the sweet and loving cats
  64. Star – perfect name for white cats
  65. Myrrh – for cats are gifts
  66. David – to remind you this king of Israel, a descendant of Jesus
  67. Sugar – sweet and tasteful. Your cat will always remind you of this occasion.
  68. Vanilla – cat name for vanilla lovers
  69. Brandy – cat name to remind you of that trendy and fashionable look on Christmas
  70. Winter – for white cats that came during this snowy season
  71. Ebenezer – a cat name that will remind you of God’s faithfulness
  72. Baby – for cute and innocent cats
  73. Caspar – for cats that understand things easily and fast
  74. Cinnamon – a cat name for this spice
  75. Coal – cat name to remind you of the warmth and heat produced by coal during winter
  76. Drummer – for playful cats, great name for kittens
  77. Emmanuel – to remind you that God is always with us
  78. Forest – for quiet and thick with furred cats
  79. Gift – for a cat that is a present from someone
  80. Love – for a cat that is emotionally and physically attached to you
  81. Lucy – for female cat, meaning the lucky one
  82. Malachi – to remind you of a certain message
  83. Rosemary – for very beautiful and attractive cats
  84. Snowball – for cats that kids like playing with
  85. Ribbon – for attractive cats
  86. Starlight – for brightly furred cats
  87. Stocking – for female cats
  88. Twinkle – for cats that have shiny eyes and fur
  89. Yule – for cats born at Christmas day or festive season
  90. Wish – to remind you the promise you made to someone
  91. Kris – for cat lovers who are Christians
  92. Mistle – a name that reminds you of mistletoe
  93. East – to remind you where the wise men saw the star
  94. Jingles – for male cats born on eve of Christmas
  95. Spirit – for powerful cats
  96. Donor – for cats that are helpful
  97. Bows – to remind you of the food served on Christmas
  98. Mince – for cats are owned fully by a person
  99. Tash – for kittens that were born on Christmas
  100. Noelle – for cats that were born during Christmas

Final Thoughts

The name you give to your furry friend should be easy and short. Being creative is the way to go in naming it so make sure to capture the real festive mood of Christmas when giving your cat a name relevant to it. There are a 100 Christmas cat names above to get some inspiration and start naming!



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