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Blue-Eyed Cat Names

Congratulations for acquiring your cute friend who will hopefully bring great joy and love to your family.

It is now time to name them something special.

Rather than going about giving them something bland, why not make the effort to choose a name that is befitting their look or personality?

Most Popular Blue-Eyed Cat Names

When it comes to blue-eyed cats, simply staring into its eyes can be a mesmerizing act.

Blue eyes once used to be considered a disease, but across the ages, it has become a treasured quality in humans, as well as dogs or cats.

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To show your love and appreciation for such a name, we have provided 100 blue-eyed cat names for your feline friend.

  1. Angel – for beautiful cats
  2. Blueberry – a name that reminds you those blueberries
  3. Blue – for cats that have cute blue eyes that are nearly indigo
  4. River – for cats that have some watery eyes
  5. Mordecai – for fans of blue ray show’s famous actor, Mordecai
  6. Skye – for those who love the blue appearance of the sky
  7. Hyacinth – for cat lovers that love this plant
  8. Glacier – a name given to white cats
  9. Taylor – for fans of the haired singer called Taylor who usually loves cats
  10. Glory – for a cat that’s brightly-coated
  11. Churchill – for cats with Chinese origin
  12. Electricity – it is a great name for powerful cats
  13. Benedict – for the love of Benedict Cumberbatch who is a movie actor who is blue-eyed
  14. Sinatra – for the love of Frank Sinatra who is a singer who is blue-eyed
  15. Ice – a cat name after ice which is blue in color at a distance
  16. Violet – for those cats with violet eyes that are very calm and royal
  17. Jasmine – for those cats that are as lovely as this flower
  18. Gem – for precious, valuable and very expensive cats
  19. Cornflower – for those cats that have blue eyes and are very beautiful in their appearance reflecting the petals of cornflower
  20. Neptune – for giant blue cats
  21. Water – for those cats that are cool and peaceful
  22. Petal – for those cats that are beautiful like the petals of a flower
  23. Blue – for that cat which is special to you
  24. Lilly – for beautiful cats that love water reflecting this water plant with amazing flowers
  25. Bluestar – name cat from the Warriors book series
  26. Isa – for cats that reflect characteristics of ice in Norwegian
  27. Ragdoll – for those cats that have their origin blue-eyed breed that was developed in the U.S
  28. Sinn – for those cats that are a treasure to you
  29. Sopa – for cats that are super pretty
  30. Tida – for female cats that you view them as your daughter
  31. Isra – for cats that play freely in your home
  32. Hansa – for those cats that are always happy or it brought you some happiness to you and your kids
  33. Chariya – for those cats that are have good manners
  34. Virote – for powerful and strong cats
  35. Sunti – for peaceful and calm cats
  36. Kiet – for cats that deserve some honor because of the way they behave
  37. Paul Hollywood – a name after this celebrity who is blue-eyed
  38. Jared Leto – a great name after this blue-eyed celebrity
  39. Aimee – for cats that are beloved friend to you
  40. Jocely – for cats that are playful
  41. Agatha – for the good-hearted cats
  42. Tove – name given to the beautiful cats
  43. Vita – for cats that are lively and active
  44. Sada – for cats that brought good luck to your home
  45. Hugo – for the love of this Houston city
  46. Gaius – for those cats that are joyful.
  47. Kailan – for responsible cats that can even keep keys safe
  48. Sittichai – for cats that brought success to your home
  49. Pierre – for hardy kittens
  50. Renne – for those cats that brought a new rise or beginning to you
  51. Colton – for dark colored cats
  52. Isadoro – for those strong and gifted cats
  53. Amory – for brave and powerful cats
  54. Glyn – for cats got from the valley
  55. Skipper – for those cats that deserve the title of a captain
  56. Micaiah – for those cats that are honored and respected as a deity
  57. Bannan – for cats named after a certain commander
  58. Ophelie – for cats that may have killed a snake
  59. Seraphina – a great cat name for hot and pretty cats
  60. Zadie – female cat name referring to a princess
  61. Cyilla – female cat name referring to a lady
  62. Havalah – for cats that give life by seeing them
  63. Forba – for cats with strong head
  64. Nudara – for gold furred cats
  65. Darcell – for dark cats
  66. Ghost – Great cat name for Halloween lovers
  67. Boo – named after Halloween
  68. Buffy – a great cat name referring to a Vampire
  69. Asper – for the love of Ghost Casper
  70. Spooky – for those scary cats
  71. Albino – for albino cats
  72. Everest –to remind you of this great mountain in the word
  73. Iceman – for white cats
  74. Wizard – a name given to cats that are blue-eyed like a wizard
  75. Snowy – name for white cat with blue eyes
  76. Nimbus – for the love of the cloud
  77. Snowball – for those ever beautiful cats
  78. Krystal – for cats that have clear eyes and are attractive
  79. January – for the love of this famous actress or maybe your birth month
  80. Kenzie – for fair cats
  81. Misty – for cats that are cool and white furred
  82. Polar – for the love of ice
  83. Snowflake – cats that act as a reminder of the snow season
  84. Frosty – for cats that are admirable for their beauty
  85. Flower – for the love of blue flowers
  86. Shadow – for the love of the film character
  87. Lulu – for beautiful and brightly furred cats
  88. Precious – for cats that are valuable
  89. Sweet paws – for cats with excellent paws
  90. Alexander – for the love of this king with blue eyes
  91. Mercury – for kittens
  92. Baby blue – for innocent and lovable cats
  93. Indigo – for those cats that are indigo-colored
  94. Smokey – for outstanding cats
  95. Luigi – for cats that are fighters
  96. Maverick – an awesome cat name for a cat got from a group of cats
  97. Duke – for noble cats
  98. Clover – for the love of the good smelling spice
  99. Cyril – for proud cats
  100. Damien – for calm cats

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Your cat will mostly react according to the name you give them so be sure of the name you pick.

Remember to choose a name that you are free to call out even in public places and is not offensive or abusive to other people.

Let your cat get involved in making a cat-naming decision by testing out its reaction to whatever name you call.

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