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Cats are adorable and curious creatures that love to be entertained with cat toys. Also, these cat toys are great at keeping them busy and to divert their attention. Also, you can expect some entertainment as a cat parent, while you see your pet play with its new toy. This ultimately makes it a win-win situation for you as well as your pet.

However, what happens when you leave your cat all alone at home while you go out to do the things you need to do? What kind of toys can you leave your cat unsupervised with? what sort of mess may it make? To figure that all out, read on until the end.

Best Rated Toys for Cats Home Alone Reviewed

Your cat is sure to get bored and create a huge mess everywhere if left alone at home for long hours. More so, if they are not provided with the right toy to stay busy with. Also, you might end up with a lot of scratched furniture upon your return.  So to prevent this from happening, as shown below, we have suggested some of the best toys for cats that are home alone.

The Original Scratch Lounge

Your cat is sure to love  this toy and remain entertained and busy even when left alone at home, all to themselves. This cat toy, with its enormous exterior can accommodate most cat sizes. Therefore, it is considered to be the world’s best cat scratcher. Whether your cat wants to scratch to its heart’s content or it just wants to rest and relax, it can do either with this scratch lounge. This long-lasting scratch lounge is a favorite amongst cat parents who leave their cats all alone at home.


  • A hundred percent recyclable material
  • Long-lasting
  • Fits most cat sizes
  • Sturdy and well-made
  • Comes with a potent catnip


  • Not machine washable
  • Some cats may not like it
  • Side scratcher may not be useful
  • Expensive
  • Cats may not like the flat surface
  • May not fit extra-large cats

Go Pet Club Cat Tree

This cat toy is popular among cat owners and there’s no reason for it to be otherwise . That’s because it is easy to assemble and the assembling can be done in less than thirty minutes. It has three perches, two ramps, two condos, two hanging toys, and ten posts that your cat will enjoy scratching on. Plus, the company itself has excellent customer service. Also there is ample space in it, so your cat won’t have to worry about being in cramped-up spaces.


  • Neutral color that complements any room
  • Sturdy structure
  • Various levels
  • Condos provide ample spaces
  • Easy to assemble


  • Will be too wobbly if it isn’t tightened
  • May not be advisable for really large cats
  • Quality control issues

Fashion’s Talk Cat Toys Variety Pack for Kitty

Your cat is sure to enjoy this cat toy and the little items that it comes with. That includes different kinds of stuff to play with, such as colorful feathers, furry balls, mice, catnips and much more. You will surely be keeping your cat busy with these twenty little items even if you are away from home.

Also, your furniture will be safe from cat scratches because their attention would revolve around these playthings. These toys made from safe materials are great so your pet will surely enjoy playing with them. Your cat can play with the balls and the small mice included in this pack if your kitty likes to swat things. It’s quite amazing that you can conveniently get your kitty twenty toys packed into one.


  • Has twenty different kinds of toys
  • Made from pet-safe materials
  • Designed for optimum cat interaction
  • Toys are small enough to toss and carry around
  • Value for money


  • Breaks easily
  • May pose a choking hazard
  • Look cheap
  • May or may not get all the toys that are advertised

Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy

This is one cat toy that your pet will get obsessed with. It’s a two-in-one cat toy and scratcher that will leave your cat entertained all day long. Your cat can scratch on it to its heart’s content and also enjoy the spinning ball in it. This product has several amazing Amazon reviews which is a reason why this product finds its way to this.

This durable pet scratcher keeps your kitty hooked on to it, and that helps you keep it from scratching your furniture as their focus would be on this toy. It’s a great toy and you can even buy replacement pads, different balls, a grooming arch, cat grass and other accessories to enhance it and give your cat some variety.


  • Two-in-one toy
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Prevents your furniture from being scratched
  • Will keep your cat entertained for hours
  • Accessories can be added
  • Replaceable cardboard inserts


  • May be noisy
  • Usefulness may depend on your cat
  • May slide on hardwood floors

Trixie Pet Product Baza Cat Tree

This cat toy is a perfect diversion for your pet. It’s quite affordable so it’s really a great alternative for your cat in contrast to bulky and expensive cat trees. Some of its features are a hammock at the top where your cat can rest, a scratching post, and a dangling pom pom toy that is sure to attract your cat.

They also get the enjoyment of climbing it imagining it to be a real tree and seem to enjoy the challenge. It’s so portable that you can place it anywhere in the corners of your home and it doesn’t occupy too much space.


  • Affordable small cat tree
  • Provides a soft resting place for your cat
  • Has scratching posts
  • Sturdy
  • Size is good enough for kittens


  • Columns and base made from flimsy cork boards
  • The hammock is difficult to replace
  • May not be able to carry much weight, hence not suitable for multiple cats
  • May not include assembly instructions

Final Thoughts

Therefore, to choose the best toy for your cat, especially something that you would want to leave your cat unsupervised with can be a tricky task. So, you have to consider the previous behaviors and characteristics of your cat so that you know its likes and dislikes. Not only that, but you also have to consider its personality.

Further, you can choose the best toy for your cat once you have determined what kind of toy your pet cat likes. Of course, you’re going to choose durable, high-quality toys, but what’s most important is that your cat truly enjoys it so that when you go home, you find the furniture unscratched and other things in the right places.

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