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Cats are innately wild and free-spirited animals that enjoy exploring their environment. Even if they are indoor cats, the natural instinct of a cat makes it curious and always eager to discover something new.

You can tell this just from their curious nature when you bring home a new object. So, whether it is a toy or a furniture, you’ll find them around that new addition.


Our Top 10 Recommended Cat Trackers

Cat trackers are useful, regardless of how cheap they may be. You never know where your cat may end up in this world, so it is worth having a cat tracker, even if you don’t use it all the time. This is especially useful for those moments when you go out with your pet on an outing. The items recommended below are some of the top-rated products in this category.

TabCat Pet Tracking

This cat tracker is covered by a durable case and weighs as low as six grams, therefore it is easy to attach to any type of collars.

The tracker features two different lights, red and green. The handset will show up red if you still aren’t close to the cat and will turn green as you get closer to it.

This tracker is able to track your cat up to four hundred foot range and is accurate within 2.5cm.


  • Comes with a tiny card-sized handset
  • Light-weight feature
  • It is splash-proof


  • The battery has a short lifespan

Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor

Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker

This is the ideal tracker which never fails to satisfy your requirements. The highlight of this super smart high tech device is that it sends emails and text to you when your cat gets out of your zone.

Furthermore, it tracks your cat’s daily exercise levels to ensure that your cat is in good shape. A normal pet cat requires 30-60minutes of exercise every day. This company does offer free award-winning applications for Apples and Androids. It also has a built-in interactive map to guide you to your most beloved pet cat. Also, the tag system easily attaches to your pets existing collar.

The tag is lightweight so you don’t have to worry about burdening your cat.   A conventional microchip does not alert you when your cat goes out of your radar, but this device does the trick. Its tag actively monitors your beloved pet cat’s movements.

With its built-in activity tracking system, you can easily identify whether your cat is doing sufficient exercises or not.  Moreover, you can set targets to compare your cat’s daily activity levels with just a simple view and keep your pet under your supervision with Whistle.


  • Lightweight
  • Can easily be attached to existing collar
  • Can send texts and emails


  • The price is quite high

Tractive GPS Pet Tracker

Tractive GPS Pet Tracker

This tracker is specially designed and engineered for your cats and weighs a minimum of nine pounds. The most useful feature of this smallest GPS tracking system is the geofencing.

With this feature, you can set a “safe zone” and you will immediately receive a notification if the cat sneaks out of it. Moreover, the battery’s lifespan is somewhere between three to five days and all it takes is two hours of recharge.


  • Boasts of light-weight feature
  • It is water-proof
  • Sold at an affordable price


  • It is not suitable for smaller cats

The Cat Caller

The Cat Caller

This cat tracker is a custom-made tracker which is specifically made to find lost pet cats. There are many special features. For example, the wireless frequency transmits through concrete walls, closets and all those unimaginable places your pet likes to hide. It offers a 200 feet clear range and also comes with a 2032 dry cells.

This model has an extremely bright LED receiver light bulbs and beeps for swift recovery anywhere anytime. Moreover, the single-handed keychain remote locates the identical same collar receiver that your pet cat wears on its collar.


  • It has over 200 Feet signal transmission coverage
  • Is able to give out instant transmission signals
  • Smallest pet locater available in the stores


  • It is slightly expensive


Sgtrehyc Pet Tracker

 sgtrehyc Pet Tracker Mini GPS Tracker for Small PET Dog Cat

This cat tracker is waterproof and multifunctional. It has a robust location monitoring system.

It’s over the top system has extremely upscale specifications. It tracks your cat’s footprint very closely. The tracker can be monitored by SMS.

Also, this small sized GPS tracker fits perfectly on your cat’s collar. It is super firm, so it will not easily fall off when your cat stumbles upon obstacles.


  • Features waterproof quality
  • It is multifunctional
  • Sold at a reasonable price


  • Prone to damage
  • It is fragile

PABY Activity Pet Tracker

 PABY Pet Tracker, 3G GPS Pet

This cat tracker contains an additional LED light and sound system to help you find your cat in dark places.

The highlight is that you can set up an electronic fence. So all you have to do is download the application and set a particular WIFI range. Thereafter, when your pet cat goes out of the range, an immediate loud siren will be alarmed to notify and alert you.

You can also set your pet’s weight, age, and gender so that it can provide suggestions as to the daily activities required. It is super rechargeable and most importantly convenient for your beloved pet cat.


  • It is super rechargeable
  • Has water- proof property
  • WIFI virtual fence
  • It features extra LED and sound


  • It has no unfavourable reviews by customers

Zaote Tracker

Zaote Dog GPS Tracker

This tracker was designed for pet cats. It is well known for its global GPS location and GSM quad band network that enables the owner to track their pet cat.

It has a superior anti-WIFI lost system and allows you to set two WIFI addresses to keep you in the safe zone. If your pet crosses your WIFI range, the V30 will swiftly send an alarm message to you. Keeping your cat in the safe zone enables you to track your beloved pet cat while you are indoors.


  • Has V30 alarm system
  • It features an anti WIFI lost system


  • It is fragile


Xingqijia GPS 2G Pet Tracker

This GPS tracker is one step ahead of all the other GPS cat trackers available in the stores. The stunning feature of this cat tracker is that it is made up of high-end silicone materials which give it additional features like waterproof and dustproof functioning.

Moreover, it is made in a way that it is ultra-thin and lightweight. Also it comes with a robust battery life that can last up to 120 hours.


  • It is ultra- thin
  • Lightweight
  • It is dust-proof and water-proof property


  • It is slightly expensive


TrackR Bravo

 TrackR Bravo

This tracker brings the lost cat or even your phone back through an app.

Moreover, if there are other TrackR users around, you can send out a lost pet alert to them. This alert gives out a quick signal to them if your cat is beside them.

TrackR can trace your lost cat within the range of a hundred feet. Even if it disappears out of the range, you will receive a notification of their location if your cat happens to be in the range of another user.


  • Can track down both your phone and lost cat
  • It is light-weight, small and durable


  • It needs to reconnect from time to time
  • The sound of the alarm has a low volume

Gibi Pet Locator

Gibi Pet Location GPS Service Unit

This cat tracker that boasts of modern technology is an outstanding product by GIBI. Within the reach of an online browser-based app, this lightweight and stylish GPS tracking device is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

The app allows you to significantly customize the safe zones. Also, you will immediately receive alerts as your pet sneaks out of the safe zones.


  • Tough and waterproof
  • It is easy-to-access and convenient
  • Features ‘safe zones’


  • Some people said it has short battery life

Relying on a Cat Tracker?

To begin with, a lot of things can happen to your cat outside the safety of your home. Therefore, with all the possible dangers that your cat can run into, it is usually recommended by vets to keep them indoors. It is said that two of the most common dangers that cause death in cats were vehicle collisions and diseases. Of course, even the indoor cats are likely to get diseases of some sort, but the chances are tremendously lower.

Yet, there will still be owners that put their trust in their beloved feline and let it wander outside.

For the most part, if the cat has been around for many years, the likeliness of them returning is there, however, you should still take the necessary precautions to ensure that they don’t wander too far.

The best way to do this would be by getting a cat tracker. This gadget helps you track the location of your cat through the GPS. These trackers are usually placed around your cat’s neck or back, and come in the form of collars. This way, it can help identify locations at all times.

Pros and Cons of Using a Cat Tracker

There are of course plenty of advantages and disadvantages of using a cat tracker. While some may argue that using one is not at all necessary since they won’t be letting their cat outside, for others, it might be worth investing in one. In fact, a cat tracker is ideal regardless of whether you let it wander outside or not since you never know where your cat may end up.

The Advantages

  • Can track the location – There is no greater advantage than the very purpose of the device being served, which is to simply track the location of your pet. With this, you can figure out where it is and follow the GPS to eventually find your missing cat.
  • Can help alert you – Some trackers these days have the function of alerting you on your phone or on the add-on beeper whenever your pet crosses a certain distance or fence. This is a good way to keep your eye on your pet, without having to physically run behind the active feline.

The Disadvantages

  • Can run out of battery – Since a lot of these devices rely on a battery or even electric charging methods, there is a good chance that the battery may drain out. If that happens while the cat is out, then that leaves the device completely useless.
  • Moderately inexpensive –  A lot of these devices are not that expensive. Some are sold for just five dollars, while there are also others that have a hundred dollar tag on them. The point here is, you can grab one of these devices at any price range.
  • Uncomfortable for a pet – It can be quite restricting and uncomfortable for your cat if you are a paranoid owner who puts this device on the pet at all times. While it is your job to ensure that this device it is worn rather loosely, any pet would prefer not having something strapped over it.
  • Malfunction or overheating – Some cheaply made trackers have a chance of malfunctioning. Also, there have been cases where the battery may overheat and end up harming your pet.

Considerations for a Cat Tracker

If you plan to get your pet a cat tracker, you must first figure out what makes a good cat tracker. Some factors to consider are shown below.

  • Weight – This is a big consideration since you do not want to strap your cat with something that is too heavy. That’s because such a thing not only causes discomfort to your pet but is also quite inconvenient for it.
  • Size – Any tracker that stands out like a sore thumb is not worth having. You want something that is seamlessly wrapped around the cat’s body. For this reason, it is important that the tracker isn’t too big or oversized.
  • Functionality – These days there are many trackers that have multiple functions. Some have radio frequency, while there are others that have the GPS technology. Therefore, you must consider what would be most useful to you.
  • Style – While this isn’t all that important for your cat, it is worth considering the overall style and design of the tracker. That’s because something that is too ugly may not be aesthetically pleasing, after all, you need to look at your cat wearing it all day. Also, having a design that sticks out might be easier for somebody to notice. That’s because if your cat has a tracker on it that is noticed by someone, then they may try to help it return in case it gets lost.
  • Durability – Trackers need to be able to endure water or harsh conditions, else they are useless. Therefore, make sure that whatever tracker you choose, it is durable to the very end.
  • Price – While there are plenty of cheap options out there, you should be wary of getting something too inexpensive, since they may not be of good quality.

Final Thoughts

No matter where you are or what you are doing, it is important to be able to identify the location of your pet. For this reason, getting a cat tracker would be highly useful.

Whether you let your cat outside or not is up to you, but even if you aren’t one of those owners, you should still invest in a cat tracker for those unfortunate moments. So take the time out to go through the above-stated options for what might be worth looking into.

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