Best Cat Food for Munchkins

If the dogs have Dachshunds, cats have Munchkins. The Munchkin is adored and admired for their unique short legs that set them apart from all the other cats. That’s the reason many find this cat very cute, cuddly, and huggable.

Dietary Requirements for a Munchkin Cat

Like people, Munchkins also need a healthy diet. However, they also need to eat a lot of meat for fat and protein. There’s no specific cat food recommended for this kind of breed. So its okay as long as you give a Munchkin meat or cat food that is formulated from meat products. It is also advisable that you choose a cat food that is recommended by veterinarians and is nutritious by default.

For the most part, you can feed them with any kind of cat food. However, make sure it is a diet that’s ideal for cats and is specifically made for cats. To put it differently, it’s not advisable that you feed them with human or dog food as that does not meet their nutritional requirements. That’s because such food may be overloaded with carbohydrates that Munchkins can’t digest. Also, there would be a higher chance that they will become obese and have diabetes.

Taste Testing the Food

Once you have determined the right kind of cat food from the information given above, you can then do a taste test. It’s important that your Munchkin cat passes the taste test or else it will go on a hunger strike which is not good for you or the cat. Also, if they don’t like it, you should never force it to eat nor refuse to buy new cat food. Always be prepared for that sort of risk because forcing them could turn out to be detrimental to their health. Rather, you should choose another one until you find the one that your cat loves.

Best Rated Cat Food for Munchkins

Munchkins aren’t the pickiest eaters, but it is important to be selective of what kinds of foods you choose. There are so many that are available in the stores that it can get quite hard to figure out what is the best. To help you with the search, we have provided a list of below-mentioned suggestions of the best cat food for Munchkins.

Hill's Science Diet Adult Indoor Cat Dry Cat Food

For cats aged above eleven, this cat food is great. As a matter of fact, this cat food is dubbed as the best and go-to cat food by most cat owners. That’s because it is packed with wholesome, high-quality ingredients that are good for your Munchkin cat’s health.

It has fiber that helps promote healthy, gentle digestion for a cleaner litter box and has antioxidants that help defend the brain and body against aging. It also has natural amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that improve their overall health.


  • Has healthy fiber that promotes gentle digestion for a cleaner litter box
  • Rich in antioxidants that defends brain and body against aging
  • Rich in natural amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that improve health
  • Money-back guarantee
  • High-quality ingredients


  • Small package
  • Made up of large nuggets which cats may dislike
  • May be good for indoor adult cats only
  • Cats may not like the taste

Wellness TruFood Tasty Pairings Natural Grain Free Wet Raw-Inspired Cat Food

Since cats (with no exception to the Munchkins) are carnivorous animals with an appetite for raw meat, there’s no doubt that this cat food is popular among cat owners.

Also, it provides a natural diet to the Munchkin whilst having wholesome ingredients for a balanced and complete everyday nutrition for your beloved cat. As it is more primal and all natural compared to most canned cat foods, most Munchkin cats will favor this among others.


  • Raw-inspired natural wet food
  • High-quality proteins
  • Has fresh vegetables and fortified with superfoods, vitamins, and minerals
  • Varied flavors to choose from
  • No grain, wheat, artificial flavors, and preservatives
  • Easy-to-serve cups that are packed individually


  • Expensive
  • Cats may not like the taste

B.F.F. OMG - Best Feline Friend Oh My Gravy! Grain-Free Wet Cat Food

This family-owned cat food brand takes pride in the fact that this cat food is packed to provide the cat with hydration. They focus a lot on hydration, so your little Munchkin will have enough fluid on their tiny bodies.

With their unique recipes and sustainably sourced ingredients, they give a complete balanced diet for your Munchkin cat. Moreover, they also have an easy to open lid which is convenient for you. Also they claim this dog food to be free from all the nasty stuff such as grain, gluten, preservatives, corn, soy, and wheat.


  • Focused on hydration
  • Easy to tear top
  • Low in fat and high in palatability
  • Rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants
  • Has high-quality proteins
  • No grains, gluten, preservatives, corn, soy, wheat, artificial flavors


  • May contain bones of considerable size
  • May not contain enough meat chunks
  • Cats may not like the taste

Royal Canin Breed Persian Kitten Dry Cat Food

This cat food works for Munchkins despite the fact that its made for Persian kittens. That’s because as shown above, you can feed them with any kind of cat food as long as they love it.

It also provides your cat with a hundred percent balanced and complete nutrition due to its scientific and nutritional expertise. You also get a hundred percent satisfaction guarantee from the company itself so you are reassured against any issues that you may encounter.


  • Has an exclusive kibble shape adapted for flat, short jaw
  • Highly digestible proteins that support healthy digestion
  • Has adapted fiber content and prebiotics
  • Supports immune system health
  • Rich in antioxidants which support natural defenses
  • Healthy hair growth


  • Not really made for Munchkin cats
  • Cats may not like the taste
  • May contain gluten
  • May contain by-product meals

Fussie Cat Food

Fussie Cat Food is on number five because although there are different types and flavors, for the most part their cat food variations are similar. They are highly palatable, free from gluten with a wide variety to choose from.

This recipe combines high-quality meats with natural ingredients resulting in a protein-rich cat food appropriate for Munchkin cats. They are also free from by-products and are low in carbohydrates. This is also a good choice if your Munchkin cat has urinary tract issues.


  • Gluten-free
  • Best for cats with urinary tract issues
  • Low in carbohydrates
  • Packed with essential vitamins and minerals
  • No by-products
  • Rich in protein


  • May be inconsistent in its quality
  • Expensive
  • Cats may not like the taste

Final Thoughts

Unlike other pure breed felines, the diet of the Munchkin is not very strict. However, it only becomes strict in the sense that one must not feed them with human or dog food which applies to all the other cats as well. What’s also important is that it has high-quality ingredients that give the Munchkin the best nourishment and also tickles their taste buds.

Once you have determined that the cat food is good for your Munchkin, you will then need to do a taste test. After all, it is all up to your Munchkin’s decision if it is palatable or not.


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