Best Cat Food for Burmese


These furry friends descended from the “copper cat” of Burma that was crossed with Siamese cats.

Burmese cats are generally affectionate and friendly towards kids and have a high level of intelligence.

A Bit About Burmese

The Burmese cat has a medium built and weighs around 8-12 pounds.

Their eye color is either entirely gold or yellow, however, the cross-breeds of Burmese cats are known to have green or blue eyes.

The length of their coat is rather short and smooth, with varying colors such as sable, champagne, blue, platinum, lilac, fawn, red, cream, chocolate, and cinnamon.

Their color is often solid, and their life expectancy is around 9 to 13 years depending on the owner’s care.

The modern Burmese cat descended from Wong Mau, Wong Mau was mated with Tai Mau, a seal-point Siamese cat, which eventually produced kittens with brown, beige, and pointed coats. These kittens are what we now know as the modern Burmese cat.

The personality of the Burmese cat is pleasant and warm. They like to sit on people’s laps and enjoy cuddling.

These cats long for the companionship of their owner and get very lonely when left to themselves.

Younger Burmese cats are rather curious and have a tendency to constantly explore their surroundings.

When they get older, they get placid and watch rather than partake in any activities going on before them.

They are intelligent cats who love to play with puzzle toys and have the ability to amuse by performing tricks.

This indicates how smart they actually are.

Exercises that require a bit of mind muscle is a must for these cats. Perches and cat trees are also good to have as these pets are great jumpers and would like to observe the world from a certain perspective.

What to Look for When Choosing a Food for Your Burmese cat

Most cat lovers know that cats are considered obligate carnivores. This means that they have to have meat in their diet.

Cats also have to have taurine which comes from muscle meat, among other sources. Taurine can also come from shellfish and fish. Cold water fish is an especially good source of taurine.

Cats also need a special form of Vitamin A. They lack the enzyme to convert regular Vitamin A into a form they can use so they must have the active form of Vitamin A that comes from animal sources.

Here’s a look at the things cats need in their diet:

  • Plenty of meat protein;
  • The active form of Vitamin A – retinol;
  • Arachidonic acid, an essential fatty acid;
  • Arginine, an amino acid;
  • Linoleic acid, a fatty acid;
  • Niacin, a B vitamin;
  • Taurine, an amino acid;
  • Moderate fat;
  • Low carbohydrates.

We also suggest that you try to avoid artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

The minimum percentages a healthy adult Burmese cat needs in her diet are 26 percent protein and 9 percent fat. Many people prefer to feed a higher percentage of protein.

Our Best Rated Choices Cat Food for Burmese Cats

Commercial cat food is the best way to go if you want to avoid food poisoning caused due to raw meat.

Take a note of what your cat usually likes, such as these favorites, and see which ones are best-liked by your cat.

Below we have provided a list of products that are suggested for your Burmese cat.

BLUE Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Wet Cat Food

Nutritional info:

  • Protein – 9% Min
  • Fat – 3% Min
  • Fiber – 1.5% Max
  • Moisture- 82% Max

Caloric Content: 153 kcal/5.5 oz can


  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Grain free
  • Free from chicken or poultry by-product


  • Contains tricalcium phosphate
  • Has sodium phosphate

This cat food features the rich flavor of trout. It has rich gravy that your cat will surely love. Also, this product comes in other flavors such as chicken and turkey. Moreover, it is packed in twenty-four cans of which each can weighs 5.5 ounces.

NomNomNow Chicken Chow-Meow

Nutritional info:

  • Protein – 18% Min
  • Fat – 6% Min
  • Fiber – 6% Max
  • Moisture- 0.5% Max

Caloric Content: 1385 kcal/kg


  • 100% Free from fillers and artificial flavors
  • Made from premium  organic ingredients
  • Rich in protein and fat, low in carbohydrates


  • Cost is above market Avg.

If your cat enjoys fresh foods, she may be able to eat NomNomNow Chicken Chow-Meow. This food has one meat protein – chicken; and several vegetables as carbohydrate and fiber sources.

The remainder of the ingredients are added vitamins and minerals. We would consider this food to be a limited ingredient diet and one that your cat would devour.

Chicken Chow-Meow has 18 percent crude protein, 4 percent crude fat, 0.8 percent crude fiber, and 73 percent moisture. So, it has lots of meat protein that cats need and love.

Best for Kittens: Whole Earth Farms Grain-Free Healthy Kitten Recipe

Nutritional info:

  • Protein – 36% Min
  • Fat – 14% Min
  • Fiber – 5% Max
  • Moisture- 11% Max

Caloric Content: 350 kcal/cup


  • Contains low amounts of carbohydrates
  • Grain-free
  • GMO-free
  • Carrageenan free


  • Contains ash
  • Has 0.03 percent phosphorous
  • Only 10 percent crude protein

This Whole Earth Farms Grain-Free Healthy Kitten Recipe is a great example of quality nutrition at an affordable price tag.

It contains 100% all-natural ingredients including high-quality animal proteins and fresh fruits and vegetables to provide natural sources of key nutrients.

It features chicken meal and turkey meal as concentrated sources of animal protein with chicken fat and salmon meal for a blend of essential fatty acids.

Weruva Grain-free Wet Cat Food

Nutritional info:

  • Protein – 10% Min
  • Fat – 1.4% Min
  • Fiber – 0.5% Max
  • Moisture- 85% Max

Caloric Content: 192 kcal/10-oz can


  • Lesser ash
  • Lower phosphorous
  • Lower magnesium


  • Contains little nutrients and vitamins

This product features cage-free boneless and skinless white chicken breast.

It is free from harmful stuff like GMO, grain, MSG, and Carrageenan. This formula is low in fat and carbs while being rich in protein.

Chelated minerals help to ensure complete and balanced nutrition, working together with vitamin supplements and healthy extracts.

Overall, this recipe is full of natural flavor, high-quality protein, and healthy fats for your kitten.

Wellness CORE Signature Selects Natural Canned Grain Wet Cat Food

Nutritional info:

  • Protein – 10% Min
  • Fat – 3.5% Min
  • Fiber – 1% Max
  • Moisture- 85% Max

Caloric Content: 133 kcal/5.3 oz can


  • Free from meat by-products
  • Contains no artificial flavors
  • No  colors
  • Free from preservatives


  • Has 3.5 percent crude fat
  • Contains ash

This cat food features a wide array of flavors to choose from. It is free from grain and carrageenan that can harm your cat.

Signature Selects is made from all-natural ingredients that are more than sufficient for supplementing your cat’s needs.

It contains plenty of energy for growth and play as well as the ideal blend of nutrients to support your cat’s digestive and immune health.

Final Thoughts

To begin with, having a Burmese cat as your pet is great as they are cuddly and friendly. However, having them as your pet is no joke.

That’s because, besides all the possible health issues that they may face, they can also be picky eaters.

But the products shown above will help you find the best pick for your cat, that too without burning a hole in your pocket.

As we always state, do not simply rely on reviews before buying a product. That’s because they are mere guidelines for you to determine what kind of diet is best for your cat.

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