Burmese cat

Best Cat Food for Burmese

These furry friends descended from the “copper cat” of Burma that was crossed with Siamese cats. Burmese cats are generally affectionate and friendly towards kids and have a high level of intelligence. However, the Burmese cat is prone to a lot of diseases, both genetic and acquired. Therefore, it is imperative for a Burmese cat Read more about Best Cat Food for Burmese[…]


Best Cat Food for American Shorthairs

If you have several cats in the neighborhood, chances are that one of them is an American Shorthair. It is sometimes hard to differentiate them because of their close resemblance to any other cat breed. However, its fur pattern sets it apart from the rest and gives them a distinct appearance. American Shorthairs were originally Read more about Best Cat Food for American Shorthairs[…]

Best Cat Food for British Shorthairs

British Shorthairs is one breed that most kids grow up with. As its name implies, the British Shorthair is a native of England and somehow it’s behavior is also quite similar to the English. To begin with, these cats are quite reserved upon first meeting, someone. However, it becomes affectionate once it gets to know the Read more about Best Cat Food for British Shorthairs[…]