Best Cat Food For Chausies

As history would have it, the Chausie originated from the jungle cats (Felis chaus) that were cross-bred with the domestic shorthairs. Although there are not many reliable data on their average lifespans, various anecdotes from the literature suggest it is less likely to be prone to breed-specific health issues. Moreover, the Chausie’s intestinal tract is a Read more about Best Cat Food For Chausies[…]

Best Air Purifiers For Cat Litter Dust Reviewed

Parenting cats or other pets in the house has its own advantages and responsibilities. Some responsibilities of cat owners include feeding, preparing litter boxes, cleaning, bathing, and vacuuming. However, one important issue encountered is how to maintain clean and pure air in the house. Quick Look at Our Top Picks: That’s because there is a Read more about Best Air Purifiers For Cat Litter Dust Reviewed[…]