Applaws Cat Food Review15 min read

June 25, 2020 12 min read

Applaws Cat Food Review15 min read

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When you walk into the pet store, you’re greeted by familiar brands in the displays. If you’re a discerning pet owner, however, you know that just because a brand is popular doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good. Some of the best-selling brands use low-quality ingredients.

Applaws is a UK-based pet food brand that has made its way to the United States and it is definitely one worth considering. Though this brand offers primarily food toppers, they also offer a limited selection of complete and balanced dry foods. All of their recipes are made with real animal protein and they are free from artificial additives.

Read on to see what we think of the brand and to see our reviews for their top products.

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      How We Review Cat Food Brands

      Before getting into the details about Applaws as a cat food brand, you may be wondering whether you can really trust our review. After all, you want only the best for your cat. Fortunately for you, so do we! We would never recommend a product we wouldn’t purchase for our own cats.

      The most important thing we look for in cat food is a high-quality source of animal protein.

      Cats are obligate carnivores by nature, which means they require a meat-based diet. Real animal protein should be the first ingredient in any cat food.

      Healthy fats are important as well, and all cats require certain vitamins and minerals.

      Most pet food brands on the market provide for a cat’s basic nutrient requirements, but the quality of each product varies. In this review we’ll talk about how Applaws stacks up against the average brand.

      Here are some of the things we look for in a good cat food brand:

      • High-quality animal protein as the first ingredient
      • Rich in healthy animal fats (ex: chicken fat or salmon oil)
      • Few to no carbohydrate ingredients (especially within the top 5)
      • Limited number of main ingredients plus supplements
      • No low-quality fillers, grains, or by-products

      In addition to making sure any cat food brand we recommend is made with high-quality ingredients, we evaluate several other factors as well. We prefer brands that offer a wide variety of recipes and those that provide plenty of information about their ingredients and products. We also consider pricing and recalls as well as the availability of the brand as a whole.

      Overview of the Applaws Brand

      When shopping for pet food, the majority of the products you find on pet store shelves are either made in the United States, or the companies are based there. Canada and New Zealand have become popular locations for pet food production as well, but we haven’t seen many UK brands make it to the U.S.

      Applaws is a UK company – a small, independent pet food brand that believes making pet food matters. They aren’t part of a large, multinational organization. They focus on pet food and do what they can to make “the best natural cat and dog food in the world.”

      The Applaws brands claims that every ingredient is carefully selected to provide real benefits for cats and dogs. Even unusual inclusions like seaweed and pumpkin serve a purpose.

      Applaws promises not to compromise on the quality of their products or their production practices and they do their best to keep the ingredients list short. Some recipes are made with as few as 3 ingredients. When it comes to their cat food products, there are a number of options to choose from.

      While Applaws offers both dog and cat food products, their recipes are formulated specifically to meet your cat’s nutritional needs.

      Applaws cat foods are rich in natural taurine and arginine, two essential amino acids for cats, and all of their complete dry foods contain 80% animal protein or more. If you’re looking for a specialty cat food packed with protein and other healthy ingredients, Applaws is one to consider.

      What Kind of Cat Food Products Do They Offer?

      The Applaws brand offers a wide variety of cat food products in several different lines. There are only four dry food recipes to choose from, but many different wet foods.

      Here are the wet food product lines Applaws has to offer:

      • Cat Pots in Tasty Broth
      • Cat Layers
      • Cat Pouches in Tasty Broth
      • Cat Cans in Tasty Broth

      Applaws also offers smaller portions in the Flakes in Gravy Cat Pots line and the Flakes in Gravy Cat Pouches line. You’ll also find an assortment of protein-rich treats on their website.

      Here is the nutritional information for some of the most popular cat food recipes:

      Dry Food Recipes

      RecipeProtein %Fat %Fiber %Moisture %Calories/Cup
      Chicken with Country Vegetables33165.59435 kcal/cup
      Whitefish Recipe32165.59435 kcal/cup
      Ocean Fish Recipe35162.58418 kcal/cup
      Chicken Recipe43192.56.5491 kcal/cup

      Wet Food Recipes

      RecipeProtein %Fat %Fiber %Moisture %Calories
      Tender Chicken Breast with Tuna Roe Cat Pots1110.584529 kcal/kg
      Tender Chicken Breast Cat Pots110.50.585529 kcal/kg
      Tasty Sardine with Mackerel Cat Pots1110.586529 kcal/kg
      Succulent Tuna Filet with Crab Cat Pots1110.584529 kcal/kg
      Taste Tuna Fillet with Prawn Cat Pots1110.584529 kcal/kg
      Juicy Chicken Breast with Duck Cat Pots1110.585529 kcal/kg
      Cat Layers Tuna with Mackerel in Aspic130.1185380 kcal/kg
      Cat Layers Chicken with Carrot and Peas in Aspic80.05185380 kcal/kg
      Cat Layers Chicken with Pumpkin in Aspic80.05185Unlisted
      Cat Layers Chicken with Lamb in Aspic80.05185380 kcal/kg
      Cat Layers Tuna with Shrimp in Aspic90.01185380 kcal/kg
      Cat Layers Tuna with Anchovy in Aspic90.01185380 kcal/kg
      Ocean Fish Canned150.5182529 kcal/kg
      Tuna Fillet with Seaweed Canned150.5182Unlisted
      Tuna Fillet with Shrimp Canned150.5182564 kcal/kg ME
      Tuna Fillet with Cheese Canned150.5182529 kcal/kg
      Tuna Fillet Canned Food1110.585564 kcal/kg
      Chicken Breast with Pumpkin130.2183529 kcal/kg
      Chicken Breast Canned Food150.5182529 kcal/kg
      Chicken Breast with Cheese150.518237 kcal/pouch
      Tuna with Whole Anchovy and Seaweed Cat Pouches20117772 kcal/pouch
      Tuna with Seabream Cat Pouches19117878 kcal/pouch
      Tuna with Pacific Prawn Cat Pouches190.517870 kcal/pouch
      Chicken with Pumpkin Cat Pouches180.318183 kcal/pouch
      Chicken with Asparagus Cat Pouches180.318159 kcal/pouch
      Chicken Breast Cat Pouches180.318152 kcal/pouch

      Product Recall History

      A pet food product recall happens when there’s an issue with the product or its packaging. It sometimes happens when there’s concern about contamination (such as salmonella), or it can be for something as simple as a labeling issue.

      Pet food recalls are particularly common among big brands that mass-produce their products – especially brands that outsource production. Applaws is a small, independent pet food company committed to quality and they follow the highest ethical standards in sourcing their ingredients.

      When it comes to the manufacture of Applaws pet food, we didn’t find specific information other than the fact that the company is accredited by the Ethical Company Organisation and adheres to the requirements of the British Retail Consortium.

      You can’t always trust what a pet food brand says on their website, but these accreditations combined with the fact that we didn’t find information about any recalls suggests Applaws is a decent brand.

      Products Included in This Review

      NameTypeProtein %Fat %Top 5 Ingredients
      Applaws Ocean Fish Recipe Dry Cat FoodDry3516Whitefish, menhaden fish meal, pea flour, chickpeas, lentils
      Applaws Succulent Tuna Filet with Crab Cat PotsWet111Tuna, fish broth, crab, rice
      Applaws Tuna Fillet in Broth Canned FoodWet111Tuna fillet, fish broth, rice
      Applaws Chicken Breast in Broth Canned FoodWet150.5Chicken breast, chicken broth, rice
      Tuna with Whole Anchovy and Seaweed Cat PouchesWet201Tuna wholemeat, fish broth, anchovy, seaweed

      Applaws Ocean Fish Recipe Dry Cat Food

      Product Info:

      • Type of Food: Dry
      • First 5 Ingredients: Whitefish, menhaden fish meal, pea flour, chickpeas, lentils
      • Guaranteed Analysis: 35% Protein Min, 16% Fat Min, 2.5% Fiber Max, 8% Moisture Max
      • Calories per Cup: 418 kcal/cup
      • Price Per Pound/Ounce: $2.25/pound


      Whitefish, Menhaden Fish Meal, Pea Flour, Chick Peas, Lentils, Salmon, Whitefish Meal, Salmon Oil, Salmon Meal, Coconut Meal, Brewers Dried Yeast, Suncured Alfalfa, Flaxseed, Carrots, Natural Flavour, Dicalcuim Phosphate, Apples, Cranberry, Coconut Oil, Tomato Pomace, Salt, Chicory Root, Choline Chloride, Taurine, Yucca Schidigera Extract, Parsley, Calcium Carbonate, Vitamin E Supplement, Zinc Proteinate, Zinc Sulfate, Ferrous Sulfate, Iron Proteinate, Potassium Chloride, Copper Sulfate, Copper Proteinate, Niacin Supplement, Manganese Proteinate, Vitamin A Supplement, Riboflavin Supplement, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Thiamine Mononitrate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Calcium Iodate, Folic Acid, Mixed Tocopherols (Preservative), Rosemary Extract, Dried Enterococcus Faceium Fermentation Product, Dried Lactobacillus Acidophilus Fermentation Product, Dried Aspergillus Oryzae Fermentation Product, Dried Trichoderma Longibrachiatum Fermentation Product, Dried Bacillus Subtilis Fermentation Product, Rosemary Extract.

      The Applaws brand is adamant about using animal protein as the foundation for their recipes and this is certainly true for the ocean fish recipe dry cat food. Whitefish and menhaden fish meal are the first two ingredients while fresh salmon, whitefish meal, and salmon meal provide supplemental protein.

      This grain-free recipe features pea flour, chickpeas, and lentils as the primary carbohydrates, all of which are digestible for cats. The only concern is that the pea flour is already dried, so the concentration could be fairly high. That being said, there does appear to be plenty of animal protein.

      This recipe contains salmon oil as the primary source of fat with several fresh fruits and vegetables as natural sources for key nutrients.

      Applaws cat food seems to use high-quality, natural ingredients but this dry food recipe still incorporates synthetic supplements. It is good, however, to see that the minerals are chelated which helps improve absorption and utilization of the nutrient.

      Succulent Tuna Filet with Crab Cat Pots

      Product Info:

      • Type of Food: Wet
      • First 5 Ingredients: Tuna, fish broth, crab, rice
      • Guaranteed Analysis: 11% Protein Min, 1% Fat Min, 0.5% Fiber Max, 84% Moisture Max
      • Calories per Cup: 529 kcal/kg, 32 kcal/pot
      • Price Per Pound/Ounce: $0.86/ounce


      Tuna Fillet 56%, Fish Broth 35%, Rice 5%, Crab Meat 4%

      If you’re looking for a delicious food topper to add to your cat’s protein or moisture intake, this Applaws Succulent Tuna Filet with Crab from the cat pots line is a good choice.

      Just remember that this product is for intermittent feeding only – it is not intended for use as a staple diet.

      This formula features just four ingredients: tuna, fish broth, crab, and rice.

      Made with real, fresh tuna and flavorful fish broth, this recipe is sure to strike your cat’s fancy. It doesn’t contain any artificial additives, either. In fact, there are no additives at all. Just fish, broth, crab, and rice.

      You may also like that Applaws cat pots are designed for easy serving – simply open the lid and serve.

      Applaws Tuna Fillet Canned Food

      Product Info:

      • Type of Food: Wet
      • First 5 Ingredients: Tuna fillet, fish broth, rice
      • Guaranteed Analysis: 11% Protein Min, 1% Fat Min, 0.5% Fiber Max, 85% Moisture Max
      • Caloric Content: 564 kcal/kg, 40 kcal/can
      • Price Per Pound/Ounce: $0.81/ounce


      Tuna fillet 75%, Fish broth 19% Rice 6%

      For cats that love tuna, this Applaws Tuna Fillet Canned Food is another good option. Like the previous option, however, it isn’t a complete and balanced meal – it is for supplemental feeding only.

      This tuna fillet canned food features just three ingredients: real tuna, fish broth, and rice.

      With tuna as the primary ingredient, this formula is packed with real fish flavor. It is also a natural source of taurine which is essential for eye health and proper heart function. Fish broth is included as well for moisture and additional fish flavor.

      The only other ingredient included in this recipe is rice. Though the formula doesn’t say, we assume this means white rice. In calculating the estimated carb content of the recipe, we came up with 2%, so it seems like tuna is, in fact, the major inclusion here.

      Applaws Chicken Breast Canned Food

      Product Info:

      • Type of Food: Wet
      • First 5 Ingredients: Chicken breast, chicken broth, rice
      • Guaranteed Analysis: 15% Protein Min, 0.5% Fat Min, 1% Fiber Max, 82% Moisture Max
      • Caloric Content: 529 kcal/kg, 37 kcal/can
      • Price Per Pound/Ounce: $0.46/ounce


      Chicken Breast 75%, Chicken Broth 24%, Rice 1%

      Loaded with real chicken flavor, this Applaws Chicken Breast in Broth Canned Food contains just three ingredients: chicken breast, chicken broth, and rice.

      Like the previous two formulas, this recipe is intended for supplemental feeding only. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a simple way to boost your cat’s moisture intake or you want to add a little more protein to his diet without unnecessary carbohydrate.

      As is true for all Applaws recipes, this formula contains no artificial additives and no hidden ingredients. They use only the highest quality meat protein and this recipe is a natural source of essential taurine.

      Tuna with Whole Anchovy and Seaweed Cat Pouches

      Product Info:

      • Type of Food: Wet
      • First 5 Ingredients: Tuna wholemeat, fish broth, anchovy, seaweed
      • Guaranteed Analysis: 20% Protein Min, 1% Fat Min, 1% Fiber Max, 77% Moisture Max
      • Caloric Content: 700 kcal/kg, 70 kcal/pouch
      • Price Per Pound/Ounce: $0.84/ounce


      Tuna wholemeat, Fish broth, Prawn

      Some cats simply can’t get enough of tuna which makes this Applaws Tuna with Whole Anchovy and Seaweed Cat Pouches recipe a great addition to any meal.

      This formula features real whole meat tuna in a flavorful fish broth with the addition of anchovy and seaweed. With just four simple ingredients, this recipe is incredibly low in carbohydrates and completely free from artificial additives.

      Whether you’re looking for a tasty meal topper or a way to boost your cat’s protein intake, Applaws Cat Pouches like this tuna and anchovy flavor work well.

      What Do Customers Think of Applaws Cat Food?

      Because Applaws is a UK brand, it doesn’t seem to be one of the most well-known brands in the U.S. Products sold on Amazon consistently receive positive ratings from customers and most carry a 4-star rating or higher. Customers seem to enjoy the minimal ingredients and their cats love the flavor.

      How Much Does Applaws Cat Food Cost?

      When it comes to cat food, you generally pay more for a higher quality product. That being said, Applaws offers a wide variety of options made with wholesome ingredients at an affordable price.

      Applaws only offers four different dry food recipes and the ocean fish formula we reviewed was priced at $2.25 per pound. This puts it a little under the average Blue Buffalo recipe but more expensive than inexpensive and drugstore brands like Friskies.

      When it comes to wet food, Applaws offers a wide variety of products, so prices range greatly.

      Of the products we reviewed, the Applaws Cat Pots line was the highest price at $0.86 per ounce, but both the Cat Pouches and some Cat Cans were similarly priced. The lowest priced items seem to be the chicken recipes, particularly those sold in the larger 5.5-ounce cans. These are under $0.50 per ounce.

      To give you a better idea how Applaws stacks up against other cat food brands, here is a quick chart to show you some average prices:

      Where Can You Buy Applaws Cat Food?

      The Applaws brand is less than 15 years old and it hasn’t always been available in the United States. It originally started out in the UK and eventually made its way through western Europe and into North America. Today, you can find Applaws on Amazon and in local pet stores. This brand is sold by big box stores like PetSmart and Petco as well as small and independent pet stores.

      Our Final Thoughts: Is Applaws a Good Brand?

      Our assessment of the Applaws brand was limited to the information provided on the website and customer reviews online, but we didn’t find any major red flags. In fact, we were impressed with the high protein content and short ingredient list most recipes had to offer.

      The thing to remember with this brand is that the majority of their recipes are intended for supplemental feeding only – the wet foods should be used only as food toppers.

      Though you may be limited to dry food recipes if you’re looking for a complete and balanced diet from Applaws, there are plenty of wet foods to choose from to boost your cat’s protein and moisture intake. The products are a little pricy, but you aren’t wasting money on additives and synthetics.


      Kate Barrington is avid dog lover and adoring owner of three cats, Kate’s love for animals has led her to a successful career as a freelance writer specializing in pet care and nutrition. Kate is also a blogger for a number of organic and natural food companies as well as a columnist for several pet magazines
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